eddieandlitafordhardroc As previously reported, Eddie Trunk celebrated a milestone birthday this past August 8th.

Since Eddie was not at home to celebrate this event, the lovely and talented Lita Ford baked Eddie a cake and posted a video online marking the celebration. It was filmed at the Rockin’ The Rivers Festival in Three Forks, Montana and can be viewed below.

Lita’s latest album, Living Like a Runaway, was released in June 2012 on SPV/Steamhammer Records.

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  1. That’s so cool what Lita did for Eddie. And it blows my mind that it’s 2014 and Lita is as smoking hot beautiful as ever! And talk about underrated guitarists, she has NEVER gotten the respect she deserves and I know it’s because she’s a woman and she came into the spotlight in a male dominated genre of music and she was seen as a threat by all those poofy haired goofballs back in the day. She put so many of those dorks to shame and still does. She rips on the guitar, is a great singer, is a great songwriter and does it all while looking sexy at the same time. I’ve been playing the guitar for nearly 35 years and I know Lita is a badass and she’s always had my respect.

  2. That was so cool, and Lita looks and sounds just as good as ever! What a way to celebrate your 50th Birthday! You’re a lucky man Eddie, now, don’t forget to take your vitamins! LOL! 🙂

  3. Lita is very under rated as a guitar player and a creative original sound artist! She is cool as hell and still very hot!! If you have not checked out the song Devil in my head from her last studio cd then YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON SOMETHING GREAT!!

    1. I love that song to. It’s Lita geting heavy big time! On the softer side musically, she sings about her kids and what happened in her personal life on the song “Mother” and it’s heartbreaking.

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