A new Bon Jovi song titled Limitless can be streamed below. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album, 2020, which will be released on May 15th. The effort will be made available as a CD, gold vinyl and as a digital download.

2020 track listing:

1.  Beautiful Drug 
2.  Unbroken 
3.  Limitless 
4.  Luv Can 
5.  Brothers In Arms 
6.  Story Of Love 
7.  Lower The Flag 
8.  Let It Rain 
9.  Shine 
10. Blood In The Water

Bon Jovi’s U.S. tour will start on June 10th in Tacoma, Washington and will conclude July 28th in New York City. Support on most dates will come from Bryan Adams, see full itinerary, here.

Pre-order Bon Jovi’s album, 2020 album, t-shirt bundles, vinyl, CD, and digital download are now available to pre-order here

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  1. so…I am going to listen to this guy describe my day, and what? I’m supposed to react how? oh…now he says that my life the way it is isn’t good enough and I should want to do more with my life…thanks Jon.

    1. Agreed. That photo looks alot more like a campaign poster (and a depressing one) than an album cover. Jon has certainly come a long way since his heyday, I think he needs to make a u-turn!

    2. lol…I know, that pic that’s featured on here of the band should’ve been the album cover…what is that? Creem would’ve had a field day with that one…lol…remember how they used to put their own captions in?

    3. Yep! I remember! I miss the old Bon Jovi! (And I’m sure Richie Sambora does too!) They used to be a fun band, before Jon decided to become “Mr. Serious.” I mean, do we really need another Bob Dylan?

    4. Maybe if Jon stopped trying to change Richie into The Edge, and change Bon Jovi into U2, Richie would still be in the band.

  2. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Jovi’s , I never liked johns voice all that much, but compared to the schlock music being put out by other hard rock bands popular in the 80’s and 90’s this is a really good rock tune , the lyrics aren’t childish or sexist , good positive message , a little predictable , a tad preachy, but solid- I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would , and I also liked that there was no lead guitar solo – I rate this a strong 7 out of 10 –

    1. In my opinion, the last good BJ album was “Crush,” and the last great BJ album was “Keep The Faith.”

    2. Well, I have my tickets to see them at the Garden. Actually, I am really going to see Bryan Adams, had he announced solo dates, I would not be attending this show. However, I am sure my fiancee will want to stay for Bon Jovi. I pray he does not do a lot of new material, nor get political, because then I will really want to leave.

      I have been fortunate enough to see this band in their in their prime, on their Slippery When Wet tour (with Keel as the opening act) and then again they opened up the new Giants stadium, so I am more than satisfied, with those two performances. Maybe, I will surprised, who knows?

    3. Dana, I think it’s awesome you saw Keel open for Bon Jovi! I saw Keel several times in the Los Angeles clubs back in the day, but never saw them in an arena setting. I’ve always enjoyed Ron Keel’s music, particularly when he was with Steeler.

    4. Rattle,

      I must confess that I paid no mind to their performance, even though I didl know their song, Right To Right.

      Ironically, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe after the show, and ended up sitting next Keel-LOL!! Again, my girlfriend and I were lamenting about why that couldn’t have been Jon seated next to us? Ahhh, youth…

      D 🙂

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