lemmy-kilmister640 TMZ reveals, that Lemmy Kilmister’s death certificate identifies the Motorhead frontman’s cause of death, as prostate cancer and congestive heart failure.

White it was widely reported he battled an aggressive form of cancer before his death, but the copy of his death certificate we obtained is the first confirmation it was prostate cancer.

Kilmister passed at away at age 70 on December 28th, 2015.

source: tmz.com

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  1. Most people strive their entire life to have integrity. Lemmy was born with it, and had it until the day he passed. He didn’t know or accept any other way of living. I’ll always respect that of him.

  2. That’s a shame. Don’t get me wrong….ALL CANCER SUCKS.

    But prostate cancer, if caught early enough, is one of the more treatable forms. Annual check ups are the key.

    1. Yes siree, Wes. I hear ya. One problem with men in general is that we tend to ignore medical issues much more than women do. As a result, too many men die from causes that could have been treated had those men been proactive.

  3. So, not only did he have cancer in his brain stem & neck area, he also had it in his prostate. Makes ya wonder if it started in his prostates and metastasized or vice-versa? Poor bugger, probably masked much of the pain with Jack and other narcotics. Ace of Spades!!!

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