GunsNRosesOriginal Art Tavana of L.A. Weekly reports:

Former Guns N’ Roses manager Vicky Hamilton, who’s in the process of publishing her memoir, was texting with Slash last night. Here’s what she had to say in a Facebook post about all those GNR reunion rumors you’ve been hearing: “OK … was texting with Slash who is on tour [in India] … he says the GN’R tour isn’t happening … so that’s all I know … your guess is as good as mine …” Hamilton confirmed the text from Slash directly to the L.A. Weekly as well, “He said it isn’t happening.”

L.A. Weekly reports that they talked to five different real sources (not “friends” or sycophants at the Rainbow Room), and here’s what they report they know:

Axl Rose, Duff McKagan and Slash, either through lawyers or managers, have been discussing the possibility of a GN’R reunion tour. We’ve been told that Steven Adler and Izzy Stradlin are not involved. Sources have told us that promoters like AEG and Goldenvoice have been courting the big kickoff show. But nothing is confirmed yet, and whatever talks may or may not be happening regarding a possible reunion could fall apart at any moment. Or, based on Slash’s text to Hamilton, maybe they already have.

Not a single original member or legal representative has confirmed or denied the rumors, which has resulted in mass hysteria among fans, bloggers and half the music industry in general. When we asked a former NIN tour manager what he thought about the reunion, his reaction was to freak out and walk away from us, quickly — as if we’d asked him for missile launch codes. The tour manager, who’s a close friend of bassist Duff McKagan, could have denied the rumors calmly; instead, his abrupt reaction sent a signal that something is happening. But it’s unclear what that something is…

…To be clear: Vicky Hamilton isn’t a direct source, either. She is no longer working for or directly associated with GN’R in any formal capacity. She’s a reliable source and very connected — a way more reliable source on this subject than, say, Scott Weiland. But for all we know, Slash could be trying to dispel rumors as details of an actual reunion are being hashed out.

From everyone we’ve talked to, the consensus is that Del James, a former GN’R road manager and close friend of Axl Rose (who once interviewed Axl for Rolling Stone), is the one person outside of Axl, Slash, Duff and their lawyers who might actually know what’s going on. But he’s not talking, and why would he? Would you? Axl could pull the plug on this at any time, because Axl is Axl, and nobody close to him wants to start a war with the man once nicknamed “Ayatollah” by his bandmates.

So everybody just calm down. There’s no Guns N’ Roses reunion. Unless there is. But there isn’t. Probably.

“But you never know,” says Hamilton.

Read more at the L.A. Weekly.

source: laweekly.com/music

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  1. Why would Slash and Duff ( who seriously do not need the money ) want to tour again and put up with the ridiculous antics and bullshit narcissism that is Axl Rose?

    I don’t see it happening.

  2. you know,when they were starting out,these guys were begging for someone to take notice of them,then they get rich and famous,thanks to who?there fans,the fans are the ones that make it possible for them to live they asshole life styles they do,but what do the fans ask of them,?just go out and do a tour,let them relive some maybe good times in there past for 2 hrs,would it kill them,yea so what they dont really like each other,do any of us really like our co workers?but we show up every day right,fuck these assholes ,im so tired of these rich jerkoffs,getting all this un deserved attention and money,unreal!!!!!!!

  3. Oh well, I should’ve known it was too good to be true! And it really wouldn’t be a reunion without Izzy & Steven anyway. So, whatever.
    Hey, anybody can change, even Steven!

    1. Bill Ward is available and if you throw a bandana on Tommy Thayer then he could play the part of Izzy Stradlin

  4. I think the reunion would be a disaster, in terms of their legacy. The absolute magic that they created and were able to capture in the studio is long gone. The spirit of that band, the intensity and the attitude and everything that made them global was over when Axl became the sole original member, long before Chinese Democracy. Having said that, I actually liked some of that album. It had some good rock and roll on it, just not good GNR on it. Like Maiden with Blaze – good music, not good Maiden or Priest with Ripper – good music, not good Priest. I just don’t see how Guns can recapture that magic a second time, even with Steven and Izzy on board, much less without them.

    Even if they were able to get together with any amount of feel, they would only play a handful of shows in the U.S. anyway. New York, L.A., and a few others scattered around. Tickets would cost a fortune. Most of us (average people) couldn’t afford to fly to Vegas for a concert, so the only people who would be in attendance would be celebrities and people with plenty of money to burn. They would go to say that they were there, because it was THE show to go to. The band would walk away with kabillions, so I would think money would be the biggest – if not the only – motivator here.

    Feel free to fire away, these are just my opinions on one of my favorite bands of all time.

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