L.A. Guns, featuring Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns, have announced that they will release a new live album, Cocked & Loaded Live on July 9th. As the title implies, the performance celebrates the band’s treasured second album, Cocked & Loaded. Fans can get their first taste of the performance with the track Malaria (see below). Cocked & Loaded Live will precede the release of a brand new studio album from Lewis, Guns, and company, which is due this fall. More details on that in the coming week, pre-order Cocked & Loaded Live, here.
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As everyone knows at this point, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a difficult blow to the entire live music business. While artists, road crews, venues, and fans all collectively eagerly await a return to normalcy, artists have gotten busy bringing live music to fans’ living rooms. While they had just commenced work on an upcoming new studio album, in November 2020, L.A. Guns wanted to get together and do one of the things they love most, which is play a ‘live’ show. The band announced a special gig at the Fremont Country Club in Las Vegas, NV that would celebrate the 31st anniversary of their beloved album, Cocked and Loaded.
L.A. Guns, aka Phil Lewis, Tracii Guns, Ace Von Johnson, Johnny Martin, and Scotty Coogan, thus performed a one of a kind show which was streamed worldwide to fans in the comfort of their own homes. The band performed all the classic proper studio tracks from Cocked & Loaded and, as usual, delivered a killer show. Picking right up where they left off from their previous incessant touring cycles and relieved to finally be onstage again, the band tore through all the classic album tracks that fans know and love. From Rip and Tear to Never Enough to The Ballad of Jayne to I Wanna Be Your Man and Malaria, this was a primal, visceral performance. And while celebrating a milestone in their career, the band also acknowledged the present and played Speed from their more recent album The Missing Peace.  
Cocked & Loaded remains a gem of a truly special and unique era in hard rock music. These incredible and killer renditions of timeless songs captured in a moment and setting that none of us will not soon forget are now preserved for all to enjoy again or for the first time.

Cocked & Loaded Live track list:

1.  Slap In The Face
2.  Rip And Tear
3.  Sleazy Come Easy Go
4.  Never Enough
5.  Malaria
6.  The Ballad Of Jayne
7.  Magdalaine
8.  Give A Little
9.  Speed
10. 17 Crash
11. Showdown (Riot On Sunset)
12. Wheels Of Fire
13. I Wanna Be Your Man

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7 Responses

  1. Personally I think these guys are the best they have ever been . They have been putting out some great new music and there live shows are high energy and they sound great. Probably the heaviest sounding they have ever been also.

    1. Their music maybe good, but I found their video for “The Devil You Know,” very offensive, and decided not to post it here.

  2. Dana,
    You’re right these are grown men, probably in their 50s and this is “cool or rock n roll” to them? Time to show at least a little bit of maturity and common sense. I get it , trying to stay relevant, but that really was an awful video.

    1. Yes, Robert,

      I don’t care if they think that it is “artistic expression,” I found that video to be very off putting.

      I had a very similar reaction once, when I saw an article about a band called, A Pale Horse Named Death (I believe it is made up of some former members of Type O Negative?), and they had a publicity picture attached to the story. The photo was of two of the band members digging a hole in the woods to bury a young teen, wearing a catholic school uniform, with blood on her head/face. I was outraged, it was disgusting, and completely unnecessary.

      If you need to shock, in that way, to get attention, that is truly pathetic, irresponsible and quite demented, in my humble opinion, and I am pretty open minded person, but that was beyond the pale (pun intended).

  3. Just checked it out and its not their finest moment in the video world . Good song but tasteless video .
    Still a very good band , I wouldnt judge them on that video.

    1. Hi Ray.

      I don’t hold it against them in totality, either, nor their entire music catalog, I was just stating that I found the video offensive, was a bit disappointed in them for making it, and chose not to post it here.

      Did it make me think less of them? A bit. Am I no longer a fan? No.

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