lynch,pinick,.luzier400jpg KXM, the new supergroup featuring Ray Luzier of Korn, Doug Pinnick of King’s X and George Lynch (ex-Dokken, Lynch Mob), are heading into the studio this weekend to put a final touches on their upcoming debut release.

Rat Pak Records, who will release the debut album, has provided a description of what to expect: “The songs are truly amazing. Ray’s drumming sounds like three dimensional thunder, George’s guitar playing will leave you to wonder if he’s really playing through an amp or if he’s directly plugged into some kind universal energy that only the guitar gods have access to..…then add in Doug Pinnick who brings his rock solid bass grooves, intelligible lyrics and seasoned songwriting talents to the table…..no hype and no joke, KXM is the real deal and you are going to love this album! We will announce official release date sometime later this month.”

For more info visit, please visit facebook.com/KXMofficial.

source: bravewords.com

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  • Lee on

    I never saw Dokken headline. How bout Appice-Appice-Sarzo-Slash- Gilby-Vince. There’s some noise.

    • John G on

      That’s what I was saying. I’m sure they headlined a few clubs. I doubt they even co-headlined 1000 to 3000 seat theaters. Just a sheer opening band. Same with Y+T – the guys could play and had talent, but despite the hype their releases in the 80s sounded like a mishmash of everything else that was popular at the time. But 30 years later history is being re-written and these bands were all amazing and…..

    • DR on

      Dokken headlined Japan and areas like that after their fourth record. Don’t remember them headlining in N. America. Really the original four did some great music. Tooth and Nail was a great record. But I’m a George Lynch fan and am biased towards the original version of the band. The first time I saw them was opening for KISS on the Animalize tour and George was amazing. Based on some of the bands that really made it back in the 80’s, I don’t know why they didn’t have a bigger impact.

    • Dana on

      DR, you and I are once again, on the same page.

      I was also a Dokken fan and I personally think that the four original members are the only line-up of this band that matters. I am probably one of a hand few of people that think “Back For The Attack,” save “Dream Warriors,” was an extremely underrated album.

      The original line-up of Dokken not only had phenomenal guitar playing by one the best guitarists around, but amazing vocal harmonies. I really encourage people to see the “Dokken-One Live Night” DVD as reference. I always knew that Jeff Pilson had a good voice, but I was also pleasantly surprised by Mick Brown’s gravely lead vocal on “Tooth and Nail.”

      It’s too bad that they cannot get along because they were a very talented group of musicians.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com

    • DR on

      Agreed Dana. One Live Night is real must see for any Dokken fan. I also agree on Back for the Attack – Kiss of Death, Mr. Scary, Heaven Sent, Night by Night and the list goes on. I enjoyed Jeff/George/Mick getting together for T+N. Jeff Pilson was clearly a driving force for the band as well in their hey day. Clearly too many personalities in the band for it to survive in it’s original and proper formation. But when these guys were on, they were just as good as any band that came out of the genre at that time. Too bad Don and George just couldn’t get past the bs they had with each other.

    • John G on

      I’d just as soon see Cactus! At least Appice had some pedigree with Vanilla Fudge and years later Beck,Bogart, Appice and some other projects. Cactus was a lot better at playing that Zep- inspired stuff than a lot of later bands. Jim McCarty was a really good player. I doubt they were even hyped as a Supergroup though they had the ex-Van Fudge and ex-Mitch Ryder guys.

  • DR on

    Are they sitting on a car outside of Don Dokken’s house?

  • Todd on

    I really like Doug and George a lot, so I think there’s some potential here. All that remains to be seen, is if the “Chemistry factor” is there with regards to songwriting. That’s one thing no one can generate or formulate. it’s there or it isn’t, and I’m willing to give these guys a chance.

  • bill on

    Get your facts straight, people. Dokken were a LOT bigger than Y & T. They were a solid 2nd-tier “Hair” band , consistently going platinum up to and through all of the 80’s releases. The only hair metal bands bigger than Dokken were the first tier acts Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, and Poison. You could make an argument that Ratt were bigger than Dokken because they headlined arenas from 1984-1988, but other than these bands Dokken outsold the rest.

  • Rich Cudd on

    King’s X is a better band than Korn or Dokken, or for that matter most bands period. Doug Pinnick has one of the best voices in rock music, and is a terrific bassist as well. I’m really looking forward to hearing what he can do with Lynch, one of the all time great guitarists.

    I’ve got some good news for you John G. – it’s a free country and you don’t have to go out and buy this record, or anything by Dokken or Y&T. I’m not sure why you waste your time and energy getting on a message board to explain to all of us how mediocre they are. Dave Meniketti is one of the most underrated guitarists/vocalists/songwriters out there, (in my opinion) and I believe that Y&T definitely had their own sound, just like King’s X, which may be the most underrated band ever (in my opinion).

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