Krokus singer Marc Storace says that he has no regrets about turning down a chance to audition for AC/DC more than four decades ago.

The 70-year-old Maltese-born vocalist — whose band had opened for AC/DC in the past — passed on the opportunity to try out to replace the late Bon Scott in 1980.

When asked in a new interview with Barbara Caserta of Italy’s Linea Rock if he ever wonders what could have been had he gotten the AC/DC job, Storace responded (as transcribed by, “That’s a hypothetical question. It’s all open to fantasy and dreams, but reality can take a different direction. And at that moment, I thought, ‘Well, I’m sitting on my high horse, enjoying success with Krokus.’ My debut album [with the band], Metal Rendez-Vous, went like a rocket. We did Hardware and we had, actually, a brand new light show, which arrived from Birmingham. And the CEO of that company in Birmingham — the whole hard rock scene, the center was Birmingham; Led Zeppelin and everyone else, and AC/DC, they were all doing their production stuff there. And the guy took me to the side, the CEO, because he drove down to show us this new light show computer, which we’d never seen one like that [before]. And then he took me on the side and he said, ‘Would you like to audition for AC/DC?’ And I said, ‘Steve, I’m so happy here. Things are happening, and we’re gonna go places. And these are my new mates.’ I had a kind of loyalty. I was really thankful that I joined Krokus because it suddenly happened. And I had been trying in many different ways. And even with [Swiss progressive rockers] Tea, though we had enjoyed an amount of success, it was nothing like what we achieved later on with Krokus. So, looking back at this little guy in Malta, where there’s no record companies, no big rock and roll life and no tours the way I dreamed of and everything, and looking at Switzerland, where actually it’s more known for the banks and the chocolates and the watches than hard rock bands, and seeing how far that Krokus got to, I think we should be thankful. And that’s the way I feel; I feel thankful for what I’ve achieved with these guys.”

He continued, “The thing about AC/DC is it’s not realistic to think that way, when you think why I decided that way. And I wouldn’t change a minute. I’m happy. I have a loving wife. I have two beautiful children. They’re intelligent. They’re doing their own thing. I have my own house. I’m an ambassador for [the French car company] Peugeot. It’s great to be alive. And that’s why I’m doing my solo album. And I don’t wanna stop.”

Storace’s first-ever solo album, Live And Let Live, was made available in Switzerland in December and was released in North America earlier this month. 

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  • Doug R. on

    Nothing against Marc, but I can’t even imagine anyone else taking over for Bon other than Brian. All’s well that ends well.

  • Rattlehead on

    One can’t live with regret. Storace made his decision based on knowledge and beliefs he had at the time, just like John Bush made his decision to remain with Armored Saint rather than join Metallica.

    • Dana on


      I had no idea Bush had a chance to front Metallica? Interesting. I like Bush’s voice, but my ear is so attune to hearing Hetfield’s, I am not sure I would be able to adjust. Vocalists, unless they are putrid, is the hardest position to replace, as the audience tends to connect with the singer’s voice, the most.

    • Rattlehead on

      Hi Dana, John Bush did indeed get the offer to join Metallica in the early 80’s cuz Hetfield was not 100% comfortable as a vocalist. I think John Bush is a great singer, but I think Hetfield’s voice is more suited for thrash (when Metallica used to be a thrash band).

      Both Armored Saint and Metallica were born in Los Angeles and knew each other well, and that’s how Metallica knew of John Bush. Metallica were always big fans of Armored Saint. When Metallica’s Cliff Burton was tragically killed in the bus crash, Metallica tried to recruit Armored Saint bassist Joey Vera to replace him. But like John Bush, Joey Vera opted to stay with his lifelong friends in Armored Saint.

      I saw Armored Saint open for Metallica in a 400 capacity club in San Diego on the Ride the Lighting tour. IMO, Armored Saint blew Metallica away. I was standing right in front of the stage with the crowd, packed like a sardine and sweating profusely, singing the songs with John Bush. On occasion, Bush would put the microphone in front of me so I could sing the lyrics…..very cool and memorable for me.

    • Dana on

      Wow, again you schooled me, I thought Metallica was born in the Bay area? Interesting that they never asked Mustaine to “sing.” 😉

      Also, I agree Bush has a very good voice.

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