kix2014-400 After two decades, Maryland group Kix with be releasing a new album called, Rock Your Face Off, on August 5th through Loud & Proud Records.

The band have released lyric video for the song Love Me with Your Top Down which they premiered last Friday on Eddie’s “Friday Night Rocks” radio show. Watch it below.

As guitarist Brian “Damage” Forsythe explains, “When we first played Love Me With Your Top Down live just a few months ago, it went over like gangbusters with the fans. It’s a catchy little tune with classic Kix flavor, a perfect choice for the first taste of the record.”

10 Responses

  1. This music is just as bad if not worse than the Trixter CD was. If your going to release new music after 20 years and it sounds like this it just causes the band to lose money. and that’s help know body!

  2. Just as I predicted, take Donnie Purnell (their key songwriter from back in the day) out of the equation and you have this POS. I just listened to their Midnight Dynamite album the other day and if this single is any indication to the rest of the album, they’re not even close to recapturing their former glory. The only thing they might achieve is having the worst single of 2014. Nugent was the current leader for the prize, but I think Kix even has him beat with this one.

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