After a 45-year career, KISS announced they will embark on their final word tour, during their appearance on NBC’s America’s Got Talent on Wednesday.

The band performed their hit Detroit Rock City to launch AGT‘s season finale episode before announcing the news. “This is going to be our last tour,” they announced onstage. “It will be the most explosive, biggest show we’ve ever done. People who love us, come to see us. If you’ve never seen us, this is the time. This will be the show.”

The band has not yet revealed tour dates, but they said in a statement that their final shows will be part of a multi-year End of the Road world tour and that they’d announce updates on their official website in the coming weeks…

…“All that we have built and all that we have conquered over the past four decades could never have happened without the millions of people worldwide who’ve filled clubs, arenas and stadiums over those years,” Kiss said in a statement. “This will be the ultimate celebration for those who’ve seen us and a last chance for those who haven’t. KISS Army, we’re saying goodbye on our final tour with our biggest show yet and we’ll go out the same way we came in… Unapologetic and Unstoppable.”

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  1. I respect everyone’s opinion on this site, but man, does it get tiresome when it comes to KISS. Everyone trashing the current state of Paul’s voice, everyone trashing Gene and Paul’s decision to continue the band with Tommy and Eric using the Spaceman and Catman characters, everyone trashing them doing a three year “farewell” tour, etc. We all have opinions on these subjects, and that’s fine. But, given the fact that the band has now announced that they will be retiring after this tour, why can’t we just agree that KISS has had a GREAT career since 1973, putting out music that was the soundtrack to many of their fans lives, created live shows that entertained MILLIONS of fans for over 40 years, and that they will be missed when this tour ends? KISS was the first band that I ever really got into, ROCK AND ROLL OVER was the first record I ever bought, and they were the first band I ever saw live. They were my “gateway drug” into hard rock/ heavy metal! While I sometimes disagreed with the musical direction they took (THE ELDER, UNMASKED, and CARNIVAL OF SOULS for example), I’ve always been a loyal KISS ARMY member. I’ve seen them on every tour since the DYNASTY tour when they had shows near where I lived, and I’ve seen them probably 30 times. I never left a show disappointed. Gene and Paul really do attempt to give the fans a great show. I don’t know of any newer bands that are going to be able to replace KISS. So, how about we suspend the trashing of these guys, and just celebrate their history and congratulate them on what they have achieved for over 40 years?

    1. Just expressing my feelings, Keith. If you read my comments closely, you’ll see my only issue with KISS isn’t UNMASKED, THE ELDER, or even CARNIVAL OF SOULS, it’s just Singer & Thayer not being allowed to be themselves, that’s all. Oh, and course Paul’s voice, can’t ignore it, how could that not be an issue? I wish it wasn’t, but all you have to do is listen to it, he struggles through every song! Hey look, more power to them, I wish them nothing but the best, KISS has been and always will be the soundtrack to my life, musically up to the 2001 box set. I will listen to them ’til the day I die, and beyond! Just because I don’t agree with everything they do, don’t mean I’m trashing them at all, just venting and once again, expressing my feelings. BTW, I happen to like UNMASKED alot! Now is that a honest fan or what?! THE ELDER? Eh, so-so! 😉 CARNIVAL OF SOULS? No comment.

    2. Lets see how much fan congratulate Kiss when they see the prices of the farewell concerts, merch and meet and greets.
      Then add Paul’s horrendous vocals – do not know which would be worse – his continued singing or a prerecorded track.

      Kiss should have hung up the outfits and taken off the makeup after the first farewell tour and go out together in a blaze of glory. Unfortunately, their greed and other bad decisions got the better of them.

  2. there are 2 types of loyal kiss fans , the ones who will buy anything and support them no matter what
    they do, how they sound or try to sell you { nothing wrong with that at all } and then there is the fan of kiss who expects more from the one time greatest band in the world and just cant support this new version of kiss- there are a growing number of the latter- I also think many of the die hard support them no matter what fans are starting to jump ship because they are tired of watching kiss drive their legacy into the dirt-

  3. With Paul’s voice crapping out and Gene giving him s–t about it, they could use a retirement. If they don’t get Peter (who I know has retired) and Ace do do a guest spot somewhere, they can KISS my ass.

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