As previously reported, KISS’ Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were interviewed by Guitar World.

In that interview, Simmons made some statements about former drummer Peter Criss, and guitarist Ace Frehely. The remarks resulted in Frehely posting a very scathing retort via his Facebook page.

Additionally, Stanley, and Simmons, also discussed their former guitarists, Vinnie Vincent,, and Bruce Kulick, in the same interview.

Reagarding Vincent joining the band onstage for their farewell tour, Stanley said, “I would say that’s not someone who I want to celebrate.”

Simmons agreed, saying, “It’s worth stating that Vinnie has sued the band and lost 14 times. I’m not here to cast any aspersions. He’s a talented guy. That’s why he was in the band. But would I depend on him to get up onstage and do anything? Never. Can he come to the shows? Of course! Anybody can. But onstage? Never.”

As for Kulick, “Bruce is somebody who shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated as far as his role in the band,” Stanley said, with Simmons adding “We love Bruce. He was always professional and showed up on time. … So I can never say anything bad about Bruce.”

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  1. That old woman next to Gene Simmons almost looks like she has a hairy chest. Nobody cares about this foolishness anymore. It’s like a broken record with a Casablanca emblem in the center ( Who else remembers? ). It’s not like Vinnie being present is a game changer. I HAVE TO GO TO THE KISS SHOW, VINNIE’S BACK! Just play your songs and go away. You’re boring. It’s over. These men are a bunch of elderly buffoons. Ironically, Appice and Franklin are better musicians than Paul and Gene. Vinnie can’t pull off a 1500 person venue. Gene is settling conduct based civil suits. Paul is writing stupid self help cookbooks. This is Rock and Roll? Huh? WALMART is selling KISS shirts. Disgraceful. What next? More reality shows? Paul Stanley as Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

    1. Every time I see the Geico hump day commercial with the camel, it always reminds me of Casablanca records! 😉 Thank God for KISS Alive! It saved Casablanca from going bankrupt! Who knows, if not for KISS Alive, there might not have ever been a Village People!

  2. Here are some takeaways from the first night of the Kiss tour in Vancouver:

    – if Paul’s lip synching, he did a damn fine job of it

    – not too many surprises in the set list. I wasn’t expecting, but got “Hide Your Heart” and “Let Me Go Rock and Roll” and “Do You Love Me?” as an encore. It was a pretty even balance between 70s and 80s, as well as “Psycho Circus” and “Say Yeah”. No “Strutter”, and nothing from Revenge.

    – No digs at former members; I understand that Thayer was making some comments against Ace on one tour. But the big thing for me was that it didn’t feel like a farewell at all. There were only a couple of video montages of the 70s, with lots of shots of Ace but almost nothing of Peter. If you didn’t know the billing for it, you wouldn’t have thought it was a farewell show at all.

    – a marathon painter named David Garibaldi was the opener and did three paintings for auctioning. I didn’t think his portrait of Hendrix was great, but he did most of it upside down, and the Kiss one was pretty amazing. Talented guy.

    1. So it sounds like it was pretty much what you were expecting, were they really charging $100 for a t-shirt?? If so, they should change “Hide Your Heart” to “Hide Your Wallet!!” 😉

    2. I didn’t catch the price of the shirts, but the guy next to me bought the glossy tour book for $40. It was just pictures of each of the post-reunion tours, with no setlists. Great if you like lots of photos.

    3. $40 for a tour book? Cha-ching! 😉 If it was loaded with old (never-before-seen) photos, and included some new photos of the original 4, maybe. But $40 for this KISS? I wouldn’t give ’em a “Deuce!” 😉

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