KISS bassist/singer Gene Simmons, who is currently in Australia on a solo tour, apparently took a swipe at his bandmate Paul Stanley while onstage.

Video posted to YouTube by fans who attended one of Simmons’ recent solo concerts, which featured Ace Frehley, shows the bassist calling “Bulls**t” on his fellow KISS co-founder before bringing some VIP fans on stage to sing Rock and Roll All Nite.

“We need some help though; we can’t sing the song by ourselves,” Simmons told the audience, before adding sarcastically. “‘Cause I’m 69 and I’ve lost my voice.”

What’s more, this wasn’t even the only time on this tour that Simmons called out Stanley — who, by the way, had surgery in 2011 to help fix “recurring vocal cord issues.”

“I’ll sing everything,” Simmons said in another video. “Because my voice always works. I don’t lose my voice. I don’t lose my voice…Paul Stanley.”

After a long pause, and some surprised oohs from the crowd, he added, “No, I love him.”

Simmons’ apparent amusement with Stanley’s vocal cords comes off as more than a bit caustic.

Hear Eddie’s thoughts below, as well.

[Dana’s note: Thank you, to Robert Davenport, for alerting me to this news].

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  • el loco on

    Come to think about it, maybe Gene talking about a three-year world tour was just some kind of ironic statement, knowing that everyone would instantly say that this is impossible for Paul to do without vocal tracks, or maybe he has agreed with Paul behind closed doors that he will only go out on tour one last time if Paul is willing to include past members in some way, and is now able to address the issue publicly because he called him out and made it clear in private already – of course, this is all speculation, but as a Kiss fan for 40 years I am so very glad that, of all people, finally Gene goes out and acknowledges what fans have been debating for a number of years now. Paul will of course be furious, this is evident as he has become totally delusional about what he IS compared to what he once was. I would say he thinks he is the true artist in the band, including these paintings of rather questionabe artistic value that he is selling and that presumptuous attempt at singing Motown when in fact he can’t even sing Kiss songs anymore (btw never heard of THAT band again, have we?) What kind of inflated ego do you have to have to be that self-deceptive and embarrass yourself in front of millions of fans worldwide on YT and elsewhere … he looks to me like that sad but also mean old man that desperatley holds on to days of the past when everybody else is trying to throw him off the waggon so things might finally be able to develop again. fans have been indircetly telling paul to quit and not tarnish the legacy for many years now. To no avail. Gene I think is the only one who can do it. Because without gene there will be no guess, wthout Paul … maybe. Paul will have to listen to gene if Gene is willing to call him out. Gene’s image/facepaint is the one everyone will recognize as Kiss, not Paul’s. Paul might have been the Kiss voice, but obviously is no more. Sadly, he is now only what stands in the way of ending this band in a good way – both musically and personally. And if, as some say here, Paul will now “go to war”, maybe this will end this band before the embarrassment and the ridicule of a once great rock band has become unbearbale to both fans and members of the band that are still capable of rocking the stage. And then Gene might keep on touring with his young dynamic band and maybe bring Ace out as the icing on the cake. That would be fine!

    • jeffrey heffernan on

      lmfao,that was great!!!!!!

    • Dana on

      Clever response.

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