kiss-return According to, KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley says that it “seems unlikely” that the four original members of the band will perform together at next April’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction.

Answering a question from a fan on Twitter about whether there are any plans yet on wearing makeup with former KISS members Ace Frehley (guitar) and Peter Criss (drums) at the Rock Hall induction, Stanley said: “No way.”

Stanley was also asked if he, bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons, Frehley and Criss were going to perform together at the Rock Hall. “Seems unlikely,” he replied.

The Rock Hall producers are leaning on the original members to perform in full costume. During a recent radio interview, Frehley joked about needing to lose weight and shave his goatee for the performance — but remained adamant that current guitarist Tommy Thayer, who performs using Frehley’s “Spaceman,” persona cannot be in costume that night.

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  • Jason Cole on

    Gene needs to realize and so does Paul , that if Ace and Peter don’t show or play the real fans will most likely burn the place down and after the press releases the story of no Ace no Peter Kiss will be done ! I’m 42 I love kiss I take my 12 year old drummer girl to show her what a show is ! She watches you tube and DVDs of old school kiss and asks so many questions ! Once you teach them they know! I’m a big Eric Carr and Bruce fan too but that was no make up days and the 80’s that time was great too!!! But you wouldn’t have anything at all if it wasn’t from the start!

  • kevin ferguson on

    you wanted the best and you got the best-ace peter paul and gene….everthing else kiss clones,including tommy and eric aint the best…..point blank…kiss is the original members…paul and gene need to wake up????

  • kevin on

    it sucks for kiss fans that we voted and cannot even see this happen…

  • John on

    I personally like how Gene summed it up. They (Peter and Ace) helped give birth to KISS and should be recognized for their contributions, but KISS today includes Tommy and Eric. He used an analogy of divorce and remarriage, which makes sense if you think about it. Honestly, its their decision as to who performs, and how they perform. I grew up loving KISS, and never got to see the original lineup until the reunion tour. It was awesome! Ace talked to my wife during the show and I (and my wife) will never forget that.

    Last year, I was able to take my daughter to the Monster Tour so she could experience KISS. Hands down it was one of the best shows I’ve seen from them in a long time. She and I loved it, and wants to go again.

    We all know the reasons why Peter and Ace are no longer in the band. You can either agree or disagree with whom ever you want. But no matter what your argument is, it is Gene and Paul’s decision. No matter whether you love the original or the new KISS, respect it or don’t, KISS will carry on.

    • SS on

      Good post, John.

    • DR on

      John, I’m in the same boat as you. Took my 9 year old son to his first KISS concert this summer. He absolutely loved it, and that’s why I support this edition of the band. It lets my two kids experience what I did when I was the same age. Its an experience like no other. However, Gene has also stated that they are going to the ceremony for the fans, and that they don’t need or care for the RRHOF (and I agree with him). If they are doing this for the fans, it has to be the original four. If not, you’re slapping a major portion of your fan base in the mouth. Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer have their place in this band, but its not Hall of Fame worthy, and the RRHOF is not inducting them in. They are inducting the originals. Hell if I was Tommy or Eric, I would want nothing to do with this at all. I’d tell my employers to go have one last night with Ace and Peter and then head back out with the ’13 line up.

  • Lee on

    Imagine the booing when the ’13 line-up comes onstage in make-up to play. Cut to Ace & Peter laughing and holding up their bubbly egging the crowd on to diss G & P. Afterward: Ace: “It was a fwuckin joke, you heard the crowd and I heard Kiss nation”.

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