kiss-return According to, KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley says that it “seems unlikely” that the four original members of the band will perform together at next April’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction.

Answering a question from a fan on Twitter about whether there are any plans yet on wearing makeup with former KISS members Ace Frehley (guitar) and Peter Criss (drums) at the Rock Hall induction, Stanley said: “No way.”

Stanley was also asked if he, bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons, Frehley and Criss were going to perform together at the Rock Hall. “Seems unlikely,” he replied.

The Rock Hall producers are leaning on the original members to perform in full costume. During a recent radio interview, Frehley joked about needing to lose weight and shave his goatee for the performance — but remained adamant that current guitarist Tommy Thayer, who performs using Frehley’s “Spaceman,” persona cannot be in costume that night.

Read Eddie’s thoughts on this topic in the latest Trunk Report.

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  • Jimi on

    I read somewhere that there will be a Kiss tour later this year (if I remember correctly the UK is already “confirmed”), so the HOF won’t be the end of KISS. Although it would be the right time to hang it up.

    As much as I love KISS, I think it’s time to stop being delusional, and face the facts. Pauls voice is so shut that it’s embarrassing… Invite all past and present members of KISS to come and play a couple of tunes, and end it right there, with the HOF. 40 years is a good run. most bands don’t even last 40 weeks.

  • Lee on

    Ace: I’d like tah thank my fathah n muddah and all my Bronx brothers for bein dare in da beginning and Peter for being dare when I needed him. Applause. If it ends up just a mass of un-make-upped Kiss members doing 4 tunes with a conductor pointing at each member when their solo comes in, I’ll laugh. Vin: “Oh my turn”. Bruce: “Here comes an ’89 blast for yee”. This going to be a circus if Ace & Peter watch the ’14 line-up in make-up perform. “Guys, this is Kiss, Dodger Stadium on ice or the hall of fame, deal with it”. Hey Gene, Kiss Army is mighty pissed. Linda Ronstadt getting in this late is far more of a joke.

    • richman on

      Actually it’s mutha and fatha, I’m from there and I have an English degree. NO JOKE. My brutha got the first album from the same ALEXANDER’S described in Aces book and I listened to it, though warped years later when I discovered KISS. They can really get it right this time and I think they will. VODKA AND ORANGE JUICE FOREVER!

  • Jake on

    Paul Stanley hold a grudge despite any support he’s had from his current vendetta – i.e. Eddie Trunk, Slash, fans who wanted him to quit attempting to write top-40 songs because they never worked. He is undoubtedly pissed at Ace and Peter (particularly Peter) for their books which portrayed him as both a control and penis freak – i.e. Peter’s book stated he frequently drew pictures of cocks, not to mention his circumcised guitar. It appears he will go out of his way to deny Ace and Peter one last shot in the spotlight even though the majority of us refuse to attend the ‘going through the motions’ tribute kiss with Paul and Gene bored out of their skulls.

  • Mark on

    They’ll need a lot larger venue to have room for Simmons to fit his swelled head. Nothing I’ll watch, but surprised they don’t want to play in make-up. Would hide some of the bad plastic surgery and hair plugs.

  • Dave Balzano on

    This is unfortunate news from Paul given more positive press coming from Gene where he seemed OK with a one off at the HOF induction of 3-4 songs. Ace has good reason to worry about Paul and Gene “doing the right thing” as Paul is certainly saying the wrong things in terms of the bands history and what the fans who have been there all along or periods along the way want/deserve. They are getting in the HOF largely based on their work with Ace and Peter, with all due respect to their work after 1980 (when Peter left/was fired), or 1982 (when Ace left following The Elder). We shall see, but as the HOF wants the original lineup there, and Ace and Peter seem game to appearing there, Peter and Gene better think quickly before forever creating an embarrassing memory that can be avoided if they just “do the right thing.” Will they???? Stay tuned. I sure hope they do!

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