According to Ultimate Classic Rock, KISS have revealed that their final concert will take place July 17th, 2021 in New York City at an unspecified venue.

The band made the announcement onstage prior to the second and final indoor concert of this year’s KISS Kruise, also stating that 90 new tour dates would be shortly confirmed.

“We’ve been on the End of the Road tour, and people have said, ‘When is the last show?'” frontman Paul Stanley said. “So, we’re here to tell you that the end of the road comes to an end on July 17th, 2021 in New York City.”

The current lineup – featuring Stanley, Simmons, Thayer and drummer Eric Singer – announced the End of the Road tour in October 2018. “This will be the ultimate celebration for those who’ve seen us and a last chance for those who haven’t,” they declared at the time. “KISS Army, we’re saying goodbye on our final tour with our biggest show yet and we’ll go out the same way we came in. … Unapologetic and unstoppable.”

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  1. Paul and Gene are looking into cryogenics…there is also this new Kiss Freezer in the works also that preserves a Kiss fans’ organs and body to be thawed out at a specified date. Make no mistake, in the year 3030, we will have a Kiss tour with Gene and Paul…all thawed out and ready to rock.

  2. The “fake Kiss” and “tribute” stuff is getting tired and lame. They’re not the first band to do this, and won’t be the last. Richie Faulkner looks exactly like KK with the leather, the blond hair and the flying V. When I saw the Guns’n’Roses show (the club tour of… 2012 I think it was) DJ Ashba stood up on the piano with his leather pants, the hair in his eyes and the big top hat when he busted out the Sweet Child O’Mine solo.

    I saw Peter on his last tour with the band, and it was lame and embarrassing. he couldn’t cut it then, there’s not a reason in the world that we should expect him to cut it now. There’s no falsehood; we KNOW this is Tommy and Eric, and my kid got to see the spectacle that is “Kiss”. She knew it wasn’t the original guys but when the bombs were going off, when the fire was blazing, when Paul was flying over the crowd, she didn’t care even one little bit. And neither did I.

    If you don’t like it, don’t go; but don’t piss on everyone else’s parade, or pretend like they have to do any different than they’re doing. if you look on Wikipedia, under “End Of The Road Tour”, the majority of the shows are north of 90% capacity, with a fair number at 100%.

    1. JP, GN’R, not even close to what fake KISS has done. Forget about the Tommy/Eric charade for a minute, that’s bad enough, but with Paul lip syncing half the time, that’s where I totally draw the line! There’s no excuse for that, if your voice is shot and you just can’t cut it anymore, then don’t! It’s time to walk away and stop pretending. Back to Tommy and Eric, bottom line, they should have been given their own identity, that would’ve been more acceptable (by ALL KISS fans) then parading Tommy and Eric around as the “new” Spaceman and Catman, please.

    2. Exactly, Stadler. You make a well-reasoned argument. These so-called KISS fans who incessantly besmirch Tommy and Eric for keeping KISS going for true fans is getting stale and old. Their arguments are just petty opinions because they are stuck in nostalgia. These so-called KISS fans are first to jump on any story about KISS to trash them while proclaiming their virtue as the real KISS fans because they only listen to the first 8 albums. Could KISS have created new characters? Maybe, but they didn’t, and there are many KISS fans who don’t think it’s an issue at all. We love KISS, and in a few years, all we’ll have are the memories, the stories, and of course the great music.

    3. Stadler, as one of the “bosses” of KI$$, as Gene refers to its fans, it is my duty to let them know when I am not happy with them. And I am not happy that both Tommy and Eric impersonate characters created by others. IMO, both are better musicians than Ace and Peter, but that’s not the issue with me. The character impersonation is the issue with me. If both Tommy and Eric had different characters, that’s fine with me. But Gene and Paul didn’t want that…rather, they wanted to continue with the iconic characters created by others. And as one of the “bosses”, I will continue to express my displeasure with their decision to have impersonators.

      You, too, as one of the “bosses” of KI$$, choose to continue to support this version of the band. And based on the fact the band is continuing on additional legs of this “End of the Road” tour, as well as show attendance, other “bosses” of KI$$ feel the same way you do. I think it’s great you took your daughter to see the band, as it will create great memories for both you and her. And I think it’s awesome she got to see an arena rock band while we still have them with us.

      No one, including me, is trying to “piss on everyone else’s parade”. You as a “boss” have your opinion and are free to express it, just like me as a “boss” of KI$$ is free to express my thoughts. My KI$$ died when the original “farewell” tour ended. The original KI$$ will always be my most favorite band ever. I have so much passion for that original lineup…and it’s my passion for that original lineup that fuels my feelings on impersonations of the iconic Spaceman and Catman characters. To me, today’s KI$$ is indeed a “glorified tribute band”, a couple of steps higher on the “tribute” ladder than Tommy’s first KI$$ tribute band, Cold Gin…..who I saw, by the way, and were very good. And Tommy continues to do a very good Spaceman impersonation, er tribute, to this day…..

    4. First 8 albums? Really, do you really want to do this again? You really want to compare loyalty? Ok, well, I have EVERY KISS album ever made (with the exceptions of Carnival Of Souls, Sonic Doom, and Monster) on Vinyl, 8-track (up to COTN of course) cassette, and CD, seen EVERY KISS tour from Love Gun to The Farewell Tour in 2000 (with the exception of the Hot In The Shade tour, which still bothers me because it was Eric Carr’s last) was a PROUD member of the KISS Army all the way up to 2001, met EVERY member of KISS several times, (including Singer on the Revenge Tour) have spent oh I don’t know, probably close to $80,000 on concert tickets, meet and greets, the music, and the merchandise and memorabilia, have my own KISSmas party every year for the last 40 years or so? And you want to question my loyalty as a KISS fan? Simply because I don’t agree with the Tommy/Eric Charade? Well then you go right ahead, and continue to keep making yourself look like a fool.

    5. D7, Gene and Paul did not continue KI$$ for the true fans….they continued the brand KI$$ cuz they knew there was money to be made…period. Gene and Paul dressed others as the iconic characters cuz they believed that’s what garnered the most business. And, this has nothing to do with nostalgia. Rather, it’s totally contradictory to the initial basis that created the iconic characters and one of the concepts behind the foundation at the initial formation of the band….the characters were to represent the alter egos of the band members….and that concept still held true during the non make up years. Today’s KI$$ does not adhere to that basis/concept anymore. Rather, they adhere to belief that all members are interchangeable. And I think they are claiming that today cuz Gene and Paul will eventually have ALL impersonating members in KI$$, so this is sort of paving the way for that to happen. And if that does happen, will you still support the band? I won’t, cuz my KI$$ died when the imposters showed up after the original “Farewell” tour.

    6. I’m always curious to know why people who are critical of Peter Criss { rightfully so} give Paul Stanley a pass? Paul hasn’t been able to cut it for 10 plus years. Now he lip syncs to prerecorded tracks because he can’t sing live anymore. At least the tracks sound passable, better than that raspy horse voice!

  3. I’m confused. Gene/Paul said once they come to a city on the “Farewell Tour” they won’t be returning. I thought they already played NYC.

    There is no way that Gene/Paul would lie to us now would they?

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