Page Six reports:

[Led Zeppelin guitarist] Jimmy Page,…is in the thick of a five-year battle — over his next-door neighbor’s noise. And the homeowner he’s fighting is a rock star, too.

…Page, 75, the legendary Led Zeppelin lead guitarist, fights to stop construction on an elaborate addition to the home of Robbie Williams, 45, the former Take That frontman who has had seven number-one singles as a solo artist.

Last week, local authorities ordered Williams to install nearly $65,000 worth of vibration monitors to keep tabs on his extensive renovation project at Page’s insistence.

Page has owned the Tower House, a red-brick Gothic Revival mansion in London’s Holland Park, since 1972.

Williams bought next-door Woodland House, a stately Queen Anne manse with 46 rooms, for $21 million in 2013.

The next year, he began filing plans with local authorities to make major renovations to the property — including the construction of a two-story basement building equipped with a pool, gym, and recording studio beneath his back yard.

Page has filed multiple objections, citing the “vibrations and possible structural damage” any construction would cause to the stained-glass windows and ceramic tiles in his 1875 home.

When work started, Williams said, Page began “sitting in his car outside our house, four hours at a time. He’s recording the workmen to see if they’re making too much noise,” The Sun reported.

“It’s like a mental illness.”

An anonymous complaint filed this year accused Williams of retaliating by “playing loud 70s rock music on outside speakers when he views Jimmy Page outside. What’s been most annoying is that Mr. Williams has played rock by arch rival band Black Sabbath.”

Both musicians have denied the accusations.

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  1. If any of this is indeed true, the line about Williams blasting Black Sabbath made me chuckle. I wonder what songs he picked? All Moving Parts (Standing Still)?, Hole In The Sky? Iron Man? Into The Void?

  2. Hmm… I wonder while he’s blasting Black Sabbath if he’s shouting TAKE THAT, Jimmy! 😉 LOL! BTW, I never heard of what’s his name? Robbie Williams? Or Take That! Respect your elders!

  3. If any of this story is true, the hilarious irony is that Jimmy Page was in an excellent documentary called…IT MIGHT GET LOUD!

    For those who’ve never heard of Robbie Williams, don’t let his boy-band past get in your way of giving his solo work a chance. He’s gone on to becoming an excellent pop/rock singer/songwriter. Think: Brit-Pop with a large dose of Freddie Mercury/Queen.

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