Anthrax guitarist and lifelong KISS fan, Scott Ian, says he trusts Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons to make the right decisions for the band.

Guitarist Frehley was replaced by Tommy Thayer, and drummer, Eric Singer, wears original member Peter Criss’ catman makeup, while sitting behind the kit.

Although, Ian thinks Frehley could play with the band, he is not so sure Criss could not properly fulfill the job.

Ian tells 99 Rock (via Blabbermouth), “As a fan, I would love to see Ace Frehley play one more time in KISS. And I’m gonna be completely honest, and this is no knock on Peter, but the last time I saw them with Peter, on the KISS/Aerosmith run, like 13 years ago, the tempos were terrible.

Everything was just way too slow. So if that’s the case, no, I don’t wanna see that. I wanna see stuff played at the right tempo. If Peter could play it at the right tempo, then more power to him and I would love to see that. Of course I would.

But it’s not my band. It’s Gene and Paul’s band and those guys know what’s right for their band. They’ve proven it. Stop questioning Gene and Paul.”

Ian points to the fact that KISS are still a major live draw as proof that Simmons and Stanley know what they’re doing.

He adds, “Look, I’m a lifelong fan of that band. But the bottom line is, and what people need to understand is it’s Gene and Paul’s band. They are the guys that have worked their asses off since 1973 to keep that band, that business moving forward all the way into 2016 and still on the level that they’re doing it.

You have no idea what it takes to make a band last that long at the level that Kiss is. So it’s their band and it’s their decision.”

Anthrax are currently on tour in North America in support of latest album For All Kings.

Anthrax remaining tour dates:

Oct 13: Missoula The Wilma Theatre, MT
Oct 14: Idaho Falls Hitt Event Center, ID
Oct 15: Garden City Revolution Concert House, ID
Oct 16: Spokane Knitting Factory, WA
Oct 17: Lethbridge Enmax Center, AB
Oct 19: Penticton South Okanagan Events Centre, BC
Oct 20: Abbotsford Centre, BC
Oct 21: Portland Daze Of The Dead, OR
Oct 22: Sacramento Aftershock Festival, CA
Oct 23: Reno Events Center, NV
Oct 25: Flagstaff Orpheum Theater, AZ
Oct 26: EL Paso County Coliseum, TX
Oct 27: El Paso County Coliseum, TX

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  • Rattlehead on

    Not surprising of Ian’s opinion on this matter, considering his band has had changes in singers, guitarists, and a bass player over the years. He’d be a hypocrite if he negatively commented otherwise.

    As a fan, I wish Anthrax brought back Neil Turbin, Dan Spitz, and Danny Lilker and played the entire Fistful of Metal album (which I think is a great album) live. But it’s not my band. It’s Ian’s band, and he knows what’s right for his band.

    Gene and Paul are going to make the best business decisions for the band, period. And I understand that fact. However, as a huge fan of the original band lineup, I would love to see the original KI$$ reunite, at any level, again. I just cannot support this glorified tribute band with two imposters, nor will I shell out my hard earned money towards them.

    • Brian B on

      I just saw the imposters last month. Awesome as always !

  • jeffrey heffernan on

    although i agree with what scott said,has he heard the band as of late????
    the tempo and the tone is terrible because of pauls voice,so again i say whats good for the goose is good for the gander,gene and paul always say if your not pulling you weight then your out the fans deserve more,well i agree,and paul sounds terrible,its painfull to here him sing some songs,but i guess thats ok,because its paul…..just saying

  • Waverider on

    Just for the record, my “well said” was referring to what Scott Ian said. Although I haven’t heard recent performances, I would be very surprised to hear if the tempos were truly terrible because Eric Singer is one of the most solid drummers out there in my opinion. Paul’s voice faltering I can believe because it is rough these days after 40 plus years of touring, recording, and aging. But Eric Singer being sloppy, I doubt it.

  • robert davenport on

    whats crazy about most rabid fans of any band is they don’t understand how hard it is for 60 something guys to do this ,even with money- I guarantee paul and gene are whipped after every show – and for peter at 71 yrs old to tour not a chance , maybe one final show ,that’s about it- ace maybe …. but at this point paul is done vocally ,I went to see them in my home town on this tour – he was just awful, his voice is just plain worn out from 40 years of screaming – he gave it his all , I am very disappointed this will be my last memory of them, – so peter and ace will probably not be rejoining kiss –

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