With his solo debut album, From Hell I Rise, set for a May 17th release (Reigning Phoenix Music), Kerry King unveils Residue, the project’s brand new single, and first music video. Co-directed by Jim Louvau and his partner Tony Aguilera, who have made videos for Jerry Cantrell, Sebastian Bach, Exodus, and Killer Be Killed, the video was shot at their downtown Phoenix studio in early April, and features King’s new band – Mark Osegueda/vocals, Phil Demmel/guitar, Kyle Sanders/bass, and drummer Paul Bostaph.

According to Louvau, his concept for the video was simple: “A fiery, bitchin’, heavy f*ucking metal performance introducing the world to Kerry King‘s new project and band members. A no bullsh*t, no prisoners showcase of the band members, performing while engulfed in flames and surrounded by burning pentagrams.”

“I come from a big fire pedigree,” said King, “and my music works with fire. I’ve always written horror-type music, so it made sense to incorporate fire into the first video, where you get to see the entire band, which I think is just awesome. I think fire goes hand-in-hand with the devil, and I’m no stranger to talking about the devil.” 

Said Louvau, “I knew this would be the first time that the world was going to see the band performing together, so I wanted to create a fast-moving visual assault. Pyrotechnics and Kerry King clearly go hand in hand and seem to fit like a glove, so Tony and I wanted to create something that felt familiar but also something new and exciting. I also knew I could get away with certain visuals like a burning pentagram.”

Watch the video below, and to hear Kerry‘s first single, Idle Hands, please click here.

From Hell I Rise track listing:

1.  Diablo
2.  Where I Reign
3.  Residue
4.  Idle Hands
5.  Trophies Of The Tyrant
6.  Crucifixation
7.  Tension
8.  Everything I Hate About You
9.  Toxic
10. Two Fists
11. Rage
12. Shrapnel
13. From Hell I Rise

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    1. Well, there’s a new dance craze that’s sweeping the nation. It’s called the Toxic Waltz and its causing devastation. It’s good, friendly violet fun for everyone. This new KK song is perfect for the Toxic Waltz. ;o)

  1. I dig this song! To me, it sounds identical to Slayer. And Mark Osegueda reminds me of Tom Araya. Some music fans might be a little disappointed that Kerry King didn’t explore, perhaps, a little different music direction, but I’m glad he’s continuing with his brutal music….it just continues where Slayer left off…..

  2. Not a bad jam at all. The opener and parts in between reminds me of World Painted Blood. Wouldn’t it be great to see Slayer and Kerry’s Band as support of a new Slayer tour? \m/ \m/

    1. Tasker, I agree with you, the song reminds me, too, of Slayer’s song “World Painted Blood”!….”Disease spreading death, entire populations dies! Dead before you’re born, massive suicide!”.

      And your tour idea is a great one! I hope Kerry King reads the posts on Trunk’s site and your idea resonates with him. It would be an awesome tour that I’d love to see! \m/

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