Canadian metal legends ANVIL have announced their new studio album, One And Only, for a release on June 28th through powerhouse label AFM Records! A first video single, Feed Your Fantasy, has just been premiered and is now streaming below. Pre-Order One And Only, here.

When it comes to the most influential bands in the history of heavy metal, authorities on the subject regularly vote Anvil among the top positions. The group from Toronto, Canada, with its two masterminds, Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow and Robb Reiner, and bassist Chris Robertson, not only looks back at an impressive career with countless highlights – as well as a number of well-documented difficulties – but has also had a lasting influence on lots of internationally renowned musicians, from Metallica to Slayer and beyond. 
Their forthcoming, 20th album is aptly entitled One And Only, Anvil are and will always be one of a kind and are continuing to shape the contemporary metal scene just as impressively as they did at the beginning of their career. How they achieve this? Thanks to their straightforward metal fuelled by cutting riffs and catchy hooks, which the musicians continue to celebrate with admirable effortlessness and great passion. We’re more like our old selves than we’ve been in years,” comments frontman Lips Kudlow on the new album, adding, “We’ve dropped all our more modern aspects, particularly the 90s version of Anvil. No sexual topics and no thrash speed songs like they featured on past albums.”

One And Only’ sees the band provide first-rate Anvil entertainment: While Guitarist/vocalist Lips is considered to be one of the most creative and interesting storytellers of the metal genre, Chris Robertson and Robb Reiner keep the up the pace with their usual confidence, providing the perfect rhythm section for Lips. Although they have experienced the tough and frequently merciless side of the music industry on a number of occasions, Anvil never lost their idealism, motivation and energy, which is immediately evident on One And Only.

One And Only track listing:
1 – One And Only 
2 – Feed Your Fantasy
3 – Fight For Your Rights 
4 – Heartbroken 
5 – Gold And Diamonds
6 – Dead Man Shoes
7 – Truth Is Dying 
8 – Rocking The World 
9 – Run Away 
10 – World Of Fools 
11 – Condemned Liberty 
12 – Blind Rage  

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Anvil live: 
02.05.2024 (CA) Ajax / The Edge
25.05.2024 (DE) Schönenberg-Kübelberg / Iron Fest Open Air
29.06.2024 (FR) Clisson, Hellfest
22.11.2024 (DE) Weissenhäuser Strand / Metal Hammer Paradise

 Anvil are:

Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow (Vocals/Guitar)
Robb Reiner (Drums)
Chris Robertson (Bass/Vocals)

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    1. Wrecked Neck, Lips basically said Americans are lazy, don’t have a good work ethic, and will go on welfare if they could.

      To hell with Lips and his band. He shouldn’t be able to tour in the United States and take the hard earned money of Americans. If that’s how he feels about Americans, Lips and his band have no business touring the United States.

      And I used to enjoy listening to the first three Anvil albums and their Backwaxed EP….but no more. F- Lips and his band

  1. Anyone who’s seen the story of Anvil knows that the music biz can kick you in the teeth over and over, but you still keep coming back hoping for the big break that can elude you. Not getting paid, little to no attendance at shows, the money pit that is recording and touring. I had no idea how big they were in the 80’s until I saw the documentary. That’s got to be extra painful to see all those other bands go over the top, except yours.

  2. Yeah it’s shit like that that pisses me off about Iron Maiden. Bruce went off on a rant once when I saw him and almost made me want to throw all my maiden albums in the trash. It wasn’t quite as bad as that, but sometimes you just gotta stfu and play.

    Marilyn Manson on the other hand can kiss my ass. Saw him stomp on and wipe his ass with the American flag once at Ozzfest. He’s lucky I couldn’t find something to throw.

    Anvil is disappointing to say that for sure since it’s our country they are always trying to make the big times in. Our money is good enough for you but not the fans? Yeah kiss it!

    1. Celebrities (musicians, athletes, actors, etc….) are entitled to their opinions, just like everyone else. But when they open their mouth, they need to be careful of what they say, or they may offend all/some of their fan base with their opinions. Sometimes it’s best for celebrities to stick to their craft and stfu about things not related to their craft.

      And I did not know that about Marilyn Manson. What an A-hole. He’s probably one of those people who also kneels during National Anthem…..when he’s not sucking his own d–k.

    2. Rattle,

      Manson is not a nice guy, too many reports, and lawsuits against him, doing really nasty, and abusive things, to women.

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