The iconic KK’S Priest – featuring Judas Priest alum and GRAMMY Award musicians K.K. Downing (guitar) and Tim “Ripper” Owens (vocals) – unveiled their blistering sophomore offering, The Sinner Rides Again, in September to rave reviews.

Today, the band continue the onslaught of The Sinner Rides Again with another fantastic, high-quality music video, this time taking us into the future atop the high-energy anthem Sons Of The Sentinel.’

K.K. Downing says about Sons Of The Sentinel, “Following the epic Return Of The Sentinel, it was inevitable that this sequel would evolve. The history of these intergalactic mercenaries has to justifiably continue as long as there is metal in our veins.

It was with great sorrow that our first great father, and warlord, met his demise upon his return, but the powers of those that would be have initiated an even more powerful force to be the protectors of the entire universe. Though – heed the warning – you must always beware to never stand in their way because they are a force that are like no other and have never been seen before! They are The Sons Of The Sentinel.

To listen to previously released songs, from the The Sinner Rides Again, please click on the highlighted song titles: One More Shot At Glory and Hymn 66. Also, order The Sinner Rides Againhere.

With The Sinner Rides Again, KK’S Priest double down on the ripping melodic force of their debut, Sermons Of The Sinner. The Sinner Rides Again wields nine tracks of pure hellfire, produced and written by Downing and mixed/mastered by Jacob Hansen. The celebrated new album is a call for the classics while speeding full force into the future, delivered by some of heavy metal’s most essential performers.

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