James Croot of New Zealand’s Stuff reports:

Bohemian Rhapsody‘s success has got Rob Halford thinking.

Judas Priest’s lead singer believes the British heavy metallers’ almost-50-years-of-history would be ideal fodder for a Hollywood biopic.

“I think Judas Priest has had a very interesting life,” Halford tells Stuff ahead of the band’s visit to Auckland for a one-off show on March 16th. “We’ve certainly got some stories to tell. We’ve certainly had a lot of incidents on the road that’s for sure,” he adds, also pointing to the similarities between himself and Queen frontman  Freddie Mercury.

“I also had to hide a gay guy like  Freddie for all those years,” says the now 67-year-old Halford who only publicly revealed his homosexuality in 1998…

…As for who would play him? Halford isn’t sure. “Who could be the ‘metal god’? I haven’t got a clue. I thought Rami [Malek, who won an Oscar for his performance in Bohemian Rhapsody] did a fantastic job of Freddie’s  persona, charisma. But I’m sure there’s another actor out there who could get the leather and whips and chains on.”

Halford says he could also help with the script, admitting that he’s currently finally working on a memoir on his life and time with the You’ve Got Another Thing Coming and Breaking the Law hitmakers.

“It’s been rattling around in my head forever. As you move on in life and have had the wonderful good luck, fortune and gratefulness to spend 50 years in a glorious band like Judas Priest, the main thing is you want to be to tell your side of the story from the horse’s mouth, as opposed to something that has been knocked up by somebody else from a bunch of interviews and so forth.

Just because of the way I am and because I’m the lyricist of the band – a bit like my mate Bruce [Dickinson, Iron Maiden’s lead singer] – I think mine will end up like The Lord of the Rings. Between my early childhood, adolescent years and the place where I’m at now, I think we’re talking about three heavy metal tomes.”

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  1. Just hope it ain’t a rapper, or somebody from American Idol! (Eye roll) nah, I just can’t imagine JP making the same mistake as Motley.

    1. Doug,

      You know I LOVE you to death, but I cannot agree with you about America Idol. That show has churned out some AMAZING talent, and some of my favorite singers: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Caleb Johnson.

      I also love Adam Lambert, who is also and AI alumni, and the lead singer of Queen. I think he could play Halford, he has the voice, and like Rob, is also a gay man.

      There is no question it is a glorified karaoke show, but it was effective, because they had real talent emerge from the silliness.

      D 🙂

    2. You’re right, Dana, I shouldn’t be so judgemental. On the rare occasion that I watched Idol, it was usually just for laughs. I do remember that one dude, I think his name was Daughtry? Anyway, I remember being really impressed with his version of “Wanted Dead Or Alive.” Not sure what happened to him after that performance, but he could definitely sing, (IMO). I’m sure there were some other talented contestants, but I just can’t imagine a karaoke contestant portraying the Metal God in a movie. Maybe I’m wrong.

  2. Cast

    Danny DeVito……..,Rob “Metal God” Halford
    Will Smith……….,,,,,Glen Tipton
    Kevin Bacon…….,,,,,K.K Downing
    Melissa McCarthy….Ian Hill
    Sylvester Stallone…..Les Binks

    Mariska Hagerty….,,,,,Sharon Osbourne
    Khloe Kardashian…….,,,,Lemmy Kilmeister
    Kevin Hart……,,,,,,,,,,,,Ronnie James Dio
    Liam Neeson…..,,,,,,,,,,Vince Neil
    Gene Simmons………….Gene Simmons
    Tommy Thayer…………,,Spaceman
    Rosanne Barr…………,,,,,;Ahnk Warrior (old )
    Sarah Jessica Parker……,,Dee Snider
    Eric Singer…..,,,,,,……..,,,,Catman
    Lady Ga Ga……,,,,,,,,,…….Ahnk Warrior ( young )
    Zac Galifinakas…….,,,,,,,,,,Tipper Gore
    George Clooney…………..,.Ozzy Osbourne

    1. Thank you for pointing out the absurdities of Hollywaste, either that, or you are on something “other worldly.” LOL!!!

  3. Doug, the Mets compete with the Dodgers…I can’t like the Mets, in fact, I can’t stand the Mets…I can’t stand any team except the Dodgers. You know the Mets took the Dodgers and the Giants colors..(I am sure you know how the Mets came to be). 🙂

    No one can play Rob Halford! That is ridiculous…I can’t think of anybody…but if they did, it would have to be a really, really good actor who is an opera singer or something like that….Lambert, not sure he can act, and he is so different from Rob…the only thing they have in common is their sexuality…and they both sing…that’s not very significant if you ask me…(Dana, please don’t get mad at me…)

    It looks like Idol got some good talent this year…I watched one episode…but, I can’t take them seriously as artists. It’s the syntax v. semantics thing…it just sounds like syntax. (Dana, I am glad you are not a big dude like Ed….maybe that was God’s plan..lol….otherwise…as Doug would say, “Some Heads Would Roll…”)

    1. Of course, bro, but the Mets and Dodgers only play each other 6 times, unlike the Giants, Padres, etc., what, 18-19 times? The Mets took the blue & orange to represent the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants, thank God they did and brought National league baseball back to NY! Sh-t! Now I’m late for bowling! Dana, if you run into Shannon, hit him over the head for me, with a baseball bat! 😉 LOL!!! Just kidding, bro, just a joke, and I meant a whiffle ball bat! Love you guys, later! 🙂

    2. I am not mad, Halford is definitely one of kind, and had such a unique voice, I agree it is next to impossible to think of anyone playing him. I only mentioned Lambert because he can hit the notes.

      My bet is they would cast an actor to lip synch to Halford’s voice.

    3. Doug, the Dodgers were NL Champs for the last two seasons….just don’t forget to have that paper bag handy after the first half of the season…. 🙂

    4. 2 down, 1 more game to go! Oy, I just noticed I misspelled wiffle, what a schmuck! I blame the clown! 😉 93 bottles of beer on the wall… – I won a six-pack for bowling 6 strikes in a row, must be my lucky night! Cheers!!

    5. Also, the METS and NY KNICKS colors are on the flag of NEW YORK CITY. I am also a METS fan but I love the DODGERS cap as well as the red number on front of the jersey. A talented actor can play any part, but if you’re looking for somebody who can act and sing FREEWHEEL BURNING. well that’s a tall order. If he’s in the process of writing this book then the movie is maybe 5 to 10 years down the road. The prospective actor is probably in eighth grade about now. I think AC/DC would make an interesting story. The more recent stuff involving Phil Rudd and hitting the road with an overweight Axl Rose plus the tour with The ROLLING STONES and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, all from the perspective of a 5″2′ inch lead guitarist who never drank or did drugs. All he does is play the guitar very well and smoke cigarettes. BACK IN BLACK is one of the best selling albums of all time so I’m sure an AC/DC film will happen.

    6. If you so much as mention the Dodgers to my mother, or her friend Linda, OOF! They are still angry about them leaving Brooklyn and Ebbets Field. As a result, by default, one became a Yankees fan and the other a Mets.

      Luckily, I only like Football, but have checked out the last couple of seasons, because it has become politicized.

    7. For some reason, rock bands aren’t taken seriously enough, even Queen, to where the script has someone in the film literally explaining why the music is good…this Crue movie does the same thing…which shouldn’t be in there…just tell the story and write a good script and direct it right with the right cast…but that won’t happen…lol….this whole thing is a waste of time….

    8. Right on, Dana! Football is the best! Greatest team sport ever! Youth, high school, college….great team football! NFL ……53 individual mini corporations wearing the same uniform and just posing as a team.

    9. I wouldn’t know about the Knicks, I don’t follow basketball, or football, never have. But now baseball? Hockey? We could talk all day about baseball and hockey! As far as the Mets go, I’m not impressed with the changes they made during the off-season, and if they lose deGrom? Fuggedaboutit!
      Don’t forget to spring ahead tonight, we lose an hour sleep, but it’s okay, I don’t really sleep that much anyway! 😉

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