Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx spoke with Sirius/XM about the meaning of some of the bands songs (transcription courtesy of

“One thing that’s important to me, and our fans know it, but people that don’t know Motley Crue [may not], is we’re very transparent in our lyrics and, of course, in our lifestyle, and there’s the climb to success and, of course, the demise. And we talked about that in [The Dirt] movie. But even songs like Live Wire. People were, like, ‘What is that song about? It’s so brutal.’ And I’ve kind of kept my tongue pretty quiet about it. I’ve talked to a few people about it.”

He continued, “Watching the movie and the relationship with my mother and these stepdads that used to beat me, the song is actually about domestic violence. And in the movie, you’ll see how I had to get out of domestic violence, and I took extreme measures. And there’s songs — like on the first record, On With The Show, it was me actually killing myself — my former self [by renouncing my given birth name, [Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna, Jr.] — ’cause I didn’t wanna live in the shadow of my dad, who’d abandoned me.’

Sixx added, “So the band’s always been willing to say things that isn’t said by other bands. That was important to us, and that’s how we’ve conducted this movie as well.”

Listen to interview below.

The upcoming film adaptation of The Dirt, which will arrive on March 22nd on Netflix.

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  • Doug R. on

    See, Craig, another one.
    Huh, whaddya know, I never interpreted “Live Wire” that way, learn something everyday.

  • robert davenport on

    So live wire is about domestic violence …. so I guess girls girls girls was written as a feminist anthem and is the new rallying cry for the me too movement ……..At this point his career is off the rails, and every time he speaks he sounds more & more desperate- I believe its called karma~

    • Dana on

      Nope, that song names some of the most famous strip clubs in the world. So. unless feminists feel that women gyrating, and taking their clothes off for a living, is empowering, there is no misconstruing the meaning of Boobs, Boobs, Boobs. Oh excuse me, Girls Girls Girls 😉

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Many songs, nowadays, people would question. For example, Gene Simmons’. Going Blind, co-written with Stephen Coronel from his old band. He was arrested for possession of child pornography, which explains some lines of song.

  • RTunes68 on

    The promotion campaign for The Dirt has really turned into the Nikki Sixx Apology Tour. Suddenly, the stories you’ve heard all these years aren’t really true, dopey party songs are really serious social commentary…It’s just a matter of time before Nikki distances himself from himself. “No, no. Nikki Sixx is just a character I played for 40 years. I’m nothing like him.”

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