Parlophone Records will issue a very special limited-edition 12-inch vinyl version of Iron Maiden’s iconic self-titled debut album on October 9th. The release honors both the 40th anniversary of the album, which came out on April 14th, 1980 and reached No. 4 in the U.K. chart, and also 2020’s National Album Day, on October 10th — a celebration of the long-player in association with the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA).

Iron Maiden was the album that saw the East London band start the journey that has led them over the course of four decades, 16 studio albums, over 90 million album sales and more than 2000 concerts around the globe, to become one of the biggest and most acclaimed metal bands on the planet. It features vocalist Paul Di’Anno and includes songs such as Phantom Of The OperaRunning Free and Iron Maiden that have long been considered classics in the Maiden canon and still feature in many of the band’s live sets today.

The limited-edition crystal clear vinyl picture disc is available to pre-order here.

Side One:

1. Prowler 
2. Remember Tomorrow 
3. Running Free 
4. Phantom Of The Opera

Side Two:

1. Transylvania 
2. Strange World 
3. Charlotte The Harlot 
4. Iron Maiden

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  1. Awesome! How many of us bought this album for the cover alone!!?? I surely can’t be the only one….

    I’ve already got an inquiry in to my local independent record store about ordering me two of these…one for work display and one for collection.

  2. I also bought this album after seeing the cover ,
    I loved it , I’ve been a life long maiden fan I saw them live in Germany in 1980 , they opened for kiss , they killed it , the whole show was amazing ! I actually liked the original singers voice as much as Bruce Dickinson’s voice . Bruce has more range ,so maiden could do more musically with him , but I think maidens first album is my favorite ~

    1. Robert, awesome you saw them with Di’Anno! I wish I did…..My favorite Maiden album is “Killers”. Great album opener with “Ides of March” and great album closer with “Drifter”, and my favorite Maiden album cover!

  3. Yes, I’m one of those who bought it purely based on seeing the cover. Just saw it in the record store and had that immediate “What the hell is this?” Flipped it over saw the band standing in dry ice smoke, saw a song called “Phantom of the Opera” and that was enough for me!

    1. I bought Number of the Beast for this reason. Never heard of them but as I was browsing thru my local Jamesway’s record dept I came across that album. I was floored. Everything about that cover was all my 14 year old brain could want. Then I listened to it. The music matched the cover. The rest is history. How many times did you rent a movie based on the box cover (I assume we are all old enough to remember video stores) only to be severly disappointed with the movie? Iron Maiden did not disappoint.

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