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Hello to everyone in my Eddie Trunk family,

I never usually post editorials, nor opinion pieces, however tonight, I am making an exception.

As many of you may know, Judas Priest is my all time favorite band. Additionally, I have made no secret about my disdain for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, and their seemingly, never ending bias and elitist attitudes, towards the hard rock and heavy metal community.

It was bad enough that Judas Priest had been overlooked for induction, for an implausible amount of time, but to add insult to heavy metal injury, they awarded the group the Musical Excellence Award. That “honor” came across like a consolation prize, to both the musicians, and their fans.

However as a diehard, despite my trepidations and slighted feelings, of course I watched, to support them. Additionally, even though some of the band members also felt justifiably rebuffed, I know they were excited, to finally be recognized.

So, I sat with baited breath, anxiously awaiting to hear a medley of some of my favorite songs, and all that we, the fans, got were TWO tunes…TWO, and both from British Steel: Breaking The Law and Living After Midnight. I knew, there was no way, in rock n’ roll hell (yes, that is a nod to previous inductees, KISS), that they did not perform You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’. Not only is that their most recognizable song, but it is probably their biggest hit, and the closer of most, if not all, of their live shows, since 1982.

So I did an online search, to see what their complete setlist was, and indeed, they cut, You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’, from the broadcast.

I sat through the previous musical inductees performances, namely Duran Duran (whom I also really like) and Pat Bentar, and each had three songs that aired for telecast. Yet, a band with 50 years in the industry, gets two songs?? Let alone, cutting out the one that is most recognizable?? To say that I am disgusted, and dejected, would be understatement.

I am sure the Rock Hall will make some kind of lame excuse, that the it was omitted “for time,” but I am fairly certain (although I don’t know because I stopped watching after Priest), that no one else had a song edited out of the show.

As we all know, there are things in life that are absolutes: death, taxes and the continual disrespect, of hard rock and heavy metal, by the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. But don’t worry, we can always rely on the institution to induct the likes of Justin Bieber or Snoop Dogg.

Finally, since the Rock Hall did not have the respect to air the song, I will.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great respect, and honor to present to you, the incomparable Judas Priest, performing, You’ve Got Another Thing Comin‘ (along with with Breaking The Law and Living After Midnight).

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  • Rattlehead on

    Amen. Well done, Dana.

    • Dana on

      Thank you (virtual kiss),

      I was tempering myself, I am LIVID.

    • Doug R. on

      I concur, AMEN! Dana, that was absolutely, totally and completely spot on!! I also watched Duran Duran, fast forwarded to Benatar/Giraldo, and then to Judas Priest, expecting to see them perform (like everybody else) “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” (my favorite song of all time) and was absolutely LIVID as well!! WTF??? This was/is the biggest slap in the face to JP, us fans, and everybody in the heavy metal community!! Just totally disgusted right now, what a disgrace! Even when the RRHOF finally does something right, they get it wrong!!

  • jeff weaver on

    They gave Dolly Parton DOUBLE AIR Time compared to Priest as well.
    I can’t think of any TWO BIG REASONS why she’s even in the Hall of Fame!

    • Dana on


      Thank God, I checked out after Priest.


    • Taskerofpuppets on

      if it were the 80’s I’d have stayed for those TWO BIG REASONS! Lol! Love it Mr. Weaver \m/

  • robert davenport on

    I watched this pretty much right after it went up , not only do I agree with every word you said Dana but the irony of giving them a musical excellence award after ignoring them for years then cutting a song from their set is one of the most disrespectful things these idiots and aholes who run the hall of shame have ever done – PRIEST SHOULD WIPE THEIR ASSES WITH THESE AWARDS AND MAIL THEM BACK ( SPECIAL DELIVERY) This institution is worthless and hopefully no rock musicians should ever aspire to being part of it again , as for the their set it was obviously songs Glenn could play to see KK back where he belongs was awesome! hopefully priest invites him in with open arms .. and doesn’t do to Kk what the hall did to priest…..

    • Dana on


      I could not agree, more.

      Jann Weiner (SIC on purpose) maybe gone, but the stench of elitism, disrespect and foolishness, remains.

  • RandyK on

    Agree 100% about the HOF. I wanted to share a quick story. So I took my 10 year old who loves music to see Priest over a year ago. He loved it. A few weeks ago I was watching Priest on you-tube and my son saw it was a recent video, so he looked up tour dates and begged me to go to Wilkes Barre for the show just 2 days later. It still brings me tears of joy to watch the cell phone video I took of him screaming, “hell bent, hell bent for leather.”

    • Dana on


      Thank you, that gives me hope that all is not completely lost, and there are youngsters out there, that can recognize great music. 🙂

    • Taskerofpuppets on

      That’s a great bonding story between you and your son.

      I can happily relate, as I took my 14 yr old daughter to see Maiden for the 1st time in September. She kept her horns up in the air all night, knew all the words to The Trooper and shrieked with joy when Eddie came out. Cheers to raising our kids with love in the Metal World. \m/ \m/

  • Mr. Rock And Roll on

    Excellent post, Dana. Heavy Metal, it seems, will always get crapped upon by the industry elites. How many times have I tried to explain to average people over the decades how great Priest are, especially The Metal God’s incredible voice. You have to physically shove it in people’s faces,vto only then hear things like oh it’s too heavy but yes, he has a great singing voice. To each his or her own, for sure, but it’s effing frustrating. We will never be completely accepted as an audience, nor our bands as serious musicians and performers. That being said, Rock And Roll Hall Of Hip Hop, Disco, and oh yeah Rock, you have, do and always will suck.

    • Dana on

      Thank you, Mr. Rock And Roll,

      The genre is the red headed step child of the music world, and it is so unwarranted, and unnecessary.

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