HookertsNBlow_Jposter Hookers & Blow, the band led by Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed has announced a string of July dates including a Hollywood launch party for their new clothing line at the legendary Whisky A Go Go on Wednesday, July 24th.

Also performing will be A.L.I.V.E.! — An all-star tribute to 70s era KISS, featuring Rex Brown (Pantera, Kill Devil Hill), Ron Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses), Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Foriegner) and Mark Zavon (Kill Devil Hill).

Hookers & Blow recently completed a four show residency at The Whisky with guest musicians that included members of Marilyn Manson, The Cult, Quiet Riot, W.A.S.P., Ignite, Ace Frehley and more.

The band is currently solidifying a fall Hollywood residency which will be will announced in the coming weeks.

Hookers & Blow July Shows:

18 – Columbus, OH – The Shrunken Head
19 – Akron, OH – The Rock Factory
20 – Philadelphia, PA – THE Blockley
24 – Hollywood, CA – The Whisky A Go Go **Clothing Line Launch Party/Rex Brown of Pantera’s Birthday Bash**

For more information, please visit the Hookers & Blow Facebook.

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  • Matt on

    What makes these people think they can sell clothes, when they can’t even sell their own music?

  • John G on

    “Hookers and Blow” – wow, I guess I’m supposed to be impressed by how decadent these guys are. Let me guess, they do drugs and hang out with porn stars, or at least they want to. I’m surprised no one’s gone with the Light/Heavy connotation lately, like Iron Butterfly, Led Zeppelin and Guns and Roses. BTW – If anyone is looking for a new band name, here’s my list:

    The Crackwhores
    Junk and the Mainliners
    DP and the Penetrators
    Tattooed Junkies
    HIV Positive
    The More-Ons
    The LA Connection
    The Cork Soakers
    The Spoon-needlers
    The Astro-Gliders

    No wonder I don’t care about 95% of the bands that came out after 1980.

    • Steve on

      Good ones. What about the genital tarts? Her-mitts and him-aroids? The crassholes? The lick-a-de-splits? We could go on forever….lol. Could make a fun word game about it. I would like to see the ALIVE guys though.

  • T on

    If you check out the youtube of Ron Bumblefoot singing Kiss, he sings it much better than Paul or Gene at this point.

  • Matt on

    I have no problem with Bumblefoot, as long as he’s not in GNR. There are only 2 people who are cut out to play in GNR and he’s neither. Kiss cover band–fine, I’m sure he’s awesome.

  • John G on

    I hope these guys rearrange the KISS the songs a bit. No point in playing them exactly like KISS.

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