Iconic guitarist George Lynch, and his current band lineup, including drummer Jimmy D’Anda (Bulletboys), bassist Jaron Gulino (Tantric) and singer Gabriel Colon, performed on October 15th at the Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as the support act for Dokken.

Over the weekend, Lynch shared a short video of the performance, and he included the following message: “super fun and intense show tonight in santa fe nm @lynchmob @dokken @buffaloruncasino @jimmydanda.”

For much of the last year and a half, the guitarist had played dates around the U.S. under the name Electric Freedom, which he previously said was the new name of his “touring entity” after deciding to retire the Lynch Mob name in 2020

In August 2021, the band celebrated the 30th anniversary of Wicked Sensation with a special limited print/deluxe edition of the album. Wicked Sensation Reimagined featuring new versions of the LP’s classic songs.

It remains to be seen if the band will return to the Lynch Mob name going forward.

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  1. I hope he changed the band’s name back to “Lynch Mob”…..IT’S HIS OWN NAME, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! He never should have changed it to begin with…..

    1. Rattle, I agree with you 100%! Nobody ever thought that the “Lynch Mob” name was anything more than the name of a rock band until this “woke” sh-t started (eye roll)

    1. Hi Medved,

      I am not convinced it was publicity stunt. I am sure he was getting pressure from outside sources, both professional and personal. Additionally, Lynch, himself, seemed to have guilt, and recriminations, about the moniker.

      This is no longer the 90s, and the political/societal climate has changed, and not necessarily for the better. Perhaps, he feared being canceled or boycotted?

      I am a member of a Patreon group called, Lost In Vegas, and I have requested they review Lynch Mob. Thus far, while I have only had one poster state his disgust of the band name, I am wondering if it is also the reason, Ryan and George (the two hosts), are hesitant to listen to the band? Even though they know it’s George’s last name, having reviewed Dokken before, I still have to ponder if the band name is putting them off?

  2. So does that mean people now have to change their family name if it’s deemed offensive by some , I will never stand by for this kind of lunacy, I hate racism in all its ugly forms and we should live in an inclusive and fair society for however you ” identify ” be paid equal wages all of it no exceptions , but this kind of outrage over any perceived slight this cancel culture extreme nonsense has to stop , I am not afraid to speak up when I hear someone start up with it – his last name is lynch …… are we not allowed to say linchpin either , or work at Merrill lynch because it’s now a racist company.. the stupidity seems endless…

  3. As Medved said, I don’t think there was any outcry for the name change AND there hasn’t exactly been much notice – if any – since the name change. So does it even matter?

    That said, if you follow Lynch’s various activities and social media, it’s apparent that the guy supports various causes for Native Americans, different oppressed groups of people, the environment, etc. So I tend to think this was a personal decision based on principle, not having anything to do with outside pressure.

    This is sort of like the Rolling Stones making the personal decision to no longer play Brown Sugar in concert. No one was demanding that they not play the song. There was no controversy. The band themselves decided that they no longer wanted to sing a song with slavery references. It was just a personal and artistic decision. I think Lynch is doing the same.

    1. RTunes,

      I agree that Lynch had his own recriminations about the moniker, but I disagree that outside influences may not have played a role. Perhaps, family members, bandmates, even industry people, may have suggested it would be a good idea if he rethought the name?

      Eddie always says, the music business is a business, first and foremost. So, we will never know for certain whether it was a personal choice, outside influence, or a combination of reasons.

      Finally, I agree with Robert. As someone who has a degree in Journalism, when we silence, and cancel people, because we don’t like their opinions, we cease to be a free Nation.

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