eddietrunk640 Yes, another year has passed and our esteem host’s birthday is upon us. Happy Birthday to the maestro of metal, we wish you many more years of head banging and wearing iconic 80’s rock t-shirts.

Share all of your birthday wishes with Eddie below.

Dana from ET.com 🙂

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  • Harry Taint on

    Happy Birthday Eddie!! You don’t look 60 at all! What is your secret?

  • Mark Ellis on

    Many happy returns, Eddie. I was channel surfing between Ice Road Truckers and the O’Reilly Factor when I found your show years ago, and I thought metal/hard rock was dead on television. Been watching ever since. Is this the year (and I’m serious about this) that you finally realize that Ghost fits the format?Can you possible get Papa on?

  • gregg forbes on

    trunk,your last pick of the week was feb 25.has there been no other good releases since.has your schedule been so hectic you couldn’t??please change it to the pick of the year.lol,happy f n birthday ,mine is aug 10.you are 1 year older then me trunk.going to vh on Thursday,jones beach 10th row,ac/dc at metlife,n scorps and queensryche/Brooklyn in sept.rock is not dead,your pick of the week however???r.i.p

    • Dana on

      Happy Birthday Gregg,

      Mine is the 22nd. Go Leos-LOL!

      D 🙂

  • Tyger of Pan Tang on

    Eddie, what’s your secret to avoiding a mid-life crisis?
    The rest of us can’t wear Saxon shirts to work and hang out with rock stars.

  • Doug on

    Happy Birthday Eddie! You’re our fearless leader!

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