In an update to a story making news headlines, the non-profit organization Hall of Heavy Metal History today announced it is helping former Ozzy Osbourne drummer Lee Kerslake who has only months to live, complete his documentary with longtime friends Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS, and Iron Maiden drummer Nicko Mcbrain among others.

Kerslake’s dying wish is to receive his Platinum record awards from Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne for his contribution for co-founding the Ozzy Osbourne band, and for co-writing over seven Ozzy hits from the Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of A Madman albums. They are considered to be two of the most iconic metal albums of all time. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have refused to give Kerslake his Platinum album awards, as a result of their legendary legal battles.

On December 7th, 2018, Kerslake was inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History. On December 11th, 2018, he did an interview with Jimmy Kay on The Metal Voice, where he revealed he his terminal illness, saying doctors give him only 8 months to live.

In a statement today, Kerslake says “I am ecstatic over my Induction into the Hall of Heavy Metal History. They are taking donations to fly me the United States via special medical air flight accommodations, in order to help me finish my documentary. I recently contacted Sharon Osbourne to request my Platinum record awards for helping establish the Ozzy Osbourne band. I’ve been waiting for them for years. Life is too short, and I have so much admiration for Sharon as a business woman. I’d like to think that Sharon, Ozzy, and I are friends. It would be a great honor to see them again, and to have them present me with my award at my Induction in January.

“It is a great honor to Induct Lee Kerslake into the Hall of Heavy Metal History,” Says Pat Gesualdo, President of The Hall of Heavy Metal History. “We need to get him to the United States now, he only has months to live. 100% of the donations we can raise go directly to Lee to help him fight his Illness. He has given metal fans around the world so many wonderful memories. Now we all need to be there anyway we can, to help him fulfill his legacy.”

Lee Kerslake will make a final appearance at the Annual Metal Hall of Fame Gala on January 23rd, 2019, 6;00 PM, at the Marriott Delta Garden Grove, Anaheim, CA.

For the full list of Inductees, and the Lee Kerslake donation page, please visit thehallofheavymetalhistory.org.

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  1. I sure hope that Sharon and Ozzy can put the past behind them, and give this guy the platinum record awards he deserves. I mean, BLIZZARD OF OZZ and DIARY OF A MADMAN came out almost 40 years ago, for Christ sake! If he wrote some of the music on these records, he deserves these awards. His drumming was definitely an important part of the success of these records. He played his butt off on these two records! Give him his damn awards!!

  2. One of the greatest drum fills of all time in Over The Mountain. I hope he makes it to the ceremony and lives beyond his doctor’s expectations. Great studio drummer.

    1. Tasker, the drum intro to Over the Mountain is
      Indeed great, and it’s my most favorite Ozzy song. I get a chubby just thinking about it! The drum intro to Little Dolls is great, too. Diary is my favorite Ozzy album.

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