gunsnroses2012 Iconic rock act Guns N’ Roses are setting up tour plans in 2014 beginning with a return to South America for multiple dates in the spring, announced today. The start of the trip south begins with headlining the second night of the Hell & Heaven Metal Festival, followed by stops in four countries. For more information on the tour, fans can go to Tickets for Hell & Heaven are already on sale and available at

Guns N’ Roses tour dates:

Sunday, March 16 Mexico City, Mexico
Thursday, March 20 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Saturday, March 22 Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Tuesday, March 25 Brasilia, Brazil
Friday, March 28 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sunday, March 30 Curitiba, Brazil
Tuesday, April 1 Florianapolis, Brazil
Thursday, April 3 Porto Alegre, Brazil
Sunday, April 6 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Wednesday, April 9 Asuncion, Paraguay


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  1. The smell will be smelled in San Antone when they play Mexico City. Is that the roadies with Axl? Where’s Slash? Izzy? hello? Roger Waters to Axl: “Is anybody out there…?” Maybe Quiet Riot can be on the bill too. Where’s Cinderella when you need them in ’14, they’d blow this Rockettes line-up off the stage before Kiefer counts in on song one. Bumper sticker on Eddie’s Mustang: “Warrant Now More Than Ever (’89 line-up pictured).”

  2. To all the people who say they wish Guns N’ Roses re-united….not being a d#%^ here…..Go see Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators…..unreal. A lot of guns fans don’t even realize what level of shows these guys have been putting on for the last couple of years. I saw them in New York at Terminal 5 and in NJ last year at The Wellmont. I was about ten yards away from Slash each show and watched them rip the fucking roof off both places. The tickets were cheap and they came onstage on time. The musicians are top notch and play the shit out of everything. They RIP the Guns stuff. Myles Kennedy is absolutely an amazing talent and kills the songs. Is he Axl? No…I think he’s better…just my opinion. Even if you don’t agree surely one can agree he is absolutely one of the best rock singers out there. He is a Professional!!! Slash is ripping and writing really awesome stuff with these guys. You can tell this guy puts a ton of time into playing and not just “phoning” in these shows like some other guys (not referring to current guns guitarists…just other old time rock guitarists currently touring) Apocalyptic Love was an awesome album!!! Let go of the past and see what is happening right under your noses. Start a Youtube search of their recent shows….unreal talent. Pay half the price for shows and get a real rock experience. Brent Fitz on drums, Frank Sidoris on guitars and Todd Kerns on Bass (Fucking unreal talented bass player/singer). You go to one of these shows or get into their current stuff….and really you will let go of this re-union thing. Oh and they are in pre-production for a new album so imagine NEW rock music. Really check it out if you haven’t.

    1. I believe you. I saw Slash’s Snakepit back in the early 1990s. They were horrible. Slash was drunk/drugged out and wasn’t good. I’ve never been a G n’ R fan. But I heard some of Slash’s playing recently and I thought he was terrific.

    2. Agreed Big E. People who want an original GNR reunion, want a version that would sound like the 1986 line up. Problem is that it can never happen. I’m not Slash’s biggest fan. But his stuff with Myles Kennedy is better than anything GNR could/would do today. Slash has remained somewhat progressive while Axl must rely on older songs from the catalogue. A GNR reunion would pay massive $$$, but to those of us who saw them in the very early days, it would be a disappointment.

    3. Hey Big could not agree more. Have caught the tour both of slashes new albums and they are absoultley awesome live. Myles is the real deal. Slash has it dialed in with these guys. I you see them live you will not be disapointed. Got the cool surprise of Lemmy coming out on stage in Boston to sing his tune. Buy slashes 24/7 DVD and crank it loud.

  3. I’m a believer that the ONLY GNR lineup is the original lineup. How in the world is Axl still drawing huge audiences worldwide? Not only does Slash and his group put on a better show, but if you stick around after the show, he comes out and says hi to everyone. Class act.

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