Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent’s previously announced shows in Memphis on December 7th and December 8th have been postponed until February 8th and February 9th in Nashville due to additional scheduling and logistical requirements by the promoter.

Promoter Derek Christopher said, “Vinnie is ready to rock and roll and is disappointed by the postponement, but we needed extra time to add and confirm additional guests for the show. We wanted to make sure it’s done right.”

For the February shows, Vinnie will be joined by an all-star band that will include Carmine Appice on drums, and Tony Franklin on bass.

Tickets for the December 7th show will be honored on the February 8th date, and tickets for the December 8th show will be honored on the February 9th date.

Tickets can be exchanged or refunded on

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  1. Sucks for the people who may have already made travel arrangements, but it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind :o) (I know, that was not nice to say about VV, but I meant it in jest)

    I’m guessing VV picked a great rhythm section to compensate for VV’s diminished guitar playing skills…..

  2. Vinnie is not ready , too many years away from his craft – when he first announced this I didn’t think it would come off well , so I’m not surprised at all he is moving this back , {it’s Vinnie not the promoter }
    I think its a combination of poor tickets sales and not being fully prepared to really play, or he went in the studio and is pre recording his guitar and all vocal tracks…… if kiss is doing it , you know Vinnie

    1. I totally agree with this assessment (except maybe the pre-recorded part). When he appeared with Gene at the Vault event, he barely played guitar. When he showed up at Chiller-fest (or whatever), the guitar again was just a prop. For someone who’s supposed to be so “scary” good at the guitar, he does everything but play the…you know….guitar. I’m just shocked that Appice and Franklin are willing to play with Vinnie. Are those guys really that financially down and out (esp. Appice), or do they see this as a charity gig?

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