Guitarist Richard Fortus and Keyboardist Dizzy Reed have left their roles in the Dead Daisies – strongly suggesting they will be part of the reunited Guns N’ Roses lineup.

Fortus and Reed have stepped down to be part of “a momentous project in 2016,” the Dead Daisies have confirmed.

Former Whitesnake and Dio guitarist Doug Aldrich has joined the Dead Daisies as they get to work on a new album with producer Marti Fredericksen in Nashville for SPV Records.

Aldrich joins bassist Marco Mendoza, guitarist David Lowy, singer John Corabi and drummer Brian Tichy in the supergroup.

Aldrich says, “I’m very, very happy to join my friends Marco, Brian, John and David in the next chapter of the Dead Daisies. I love the band and I’m looking forward to getting busy on the new record. This band is bringing back a raw, back to the bones sound that a lot of groups go for but the Dead Daisies are looking to nail. At this point in time, we are looking to have a kick-ass rock’n’roll album in the can by spring 2016.”

Fortus adds, “When we started speaking about finding someone to replace me, the first suggestion I had was Doug Aldrich. It doesn’t get any better than Doug in my book. I am so happy that he is able and willing to step in and take over. I think that it will elevate the band to the next level. Thanks to everyone that has supported the Daisies over the last couple of years. Stay tuned to see what they come up with next. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.”

Lowy says that, while they will miss Reed and Fortus, the band are excited about the future.

He adds, “It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to write, record and perform with such talented world-class musicians and all-around great guys. I’ve personally learned so much from both of them. We’re very excited to announce Doug Aldrich will be joining The Dead Daisies in the lead guitar role. Doug was Richard’s first pick to replace him. He’s a highly accomplished musician, performer and songwriter and we’re really looking forward to Doug joining us as the Dead Daisies adventure rolls on.”

Slash and Axl Rose will reunite for the first time since 1993 when they perform two Las Vegas shows and at Coachella this year.

The Dead Daisies released their second album Revolucion last year.


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  1. Dee Snider wouldn’t like the way the article refers to Doug Aldrich as “former Whitesnake guitarist…” Dee….you have always been and will always be a major, class a D-bag…sorry, couldn’t resist that layup…

    1. Snider never said anything about Aldrich as a guitar player. He was talking about bands like Whitesnake who had huge hits back in the day, who now only have one person in the band that was in lineup that created the music, in this case Coverdale, then passing them off as “Whitesnake”.

      The larger issues is that bands like Whitesnake aren’t really a band. It’s a collection of musicians who Coverdale chooses to back him. Mustaine does the same with Megadeth.

    2. In general I agree, but then there really was no need to single out any individual player (like Doug) if that was his point.

  2. I guess this means he`s not playing with Glenn Hughes anymore? That sucks I bought tickets to see Glenn and Doug on stage together at the rock bar in march, damn, I wonder who Glenn is going to pick up to play guitar?

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