Germany’s Rocks magazine is reporting that guitarist John Sykes (Tygers of Pan Tang, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Blue Murder) will release his first album in seventeen years, Sy-Ops, before the end of 2017.

Sykes, who completed the material for the disc three years ago says, “…My manager died [and] with him I lost someone I could really trust. So I put the disc on ice.”

Sykes added that his first album since 2000’s Nuclear Cowboy will live up to his fans’ expectations. “People who like what I did on the 1987 [self-titled album] from Whitwsnake and the two studio records from Blue Murder” will be pleased by the new material, he said.

The new album will be released in a digipak format with a full-color six-panel artwork courtesy of David Dees.

Two years ago, Sykes released some audio samples that will appear on his solo album, you can listen to them here.

The CD reportedly features guest appearances by the following musicians:

* Josh Freese (Weezer, A Perfect Circle, Guns N’ Roses, Devo): Drums
* Tony Franklin (The Firm): Bass
* Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction): Bass
* Curt Bisquera (Sarah McLachlan): Drums
* Jamie Muhoberac (The All-American Rejects, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones): Keyboards

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  1. IMO, Blue Murder’s “Valley of the Kings” is on par with Maiden’s “Powerslave” in its powerful Egyptian imagery. If there’s stuff like that, I’m interested. Straight good-time rock and roll? Not so much.

    1. “Valley of the Kings” is a terrific tune! My favorite song off the first Blue Murder record was “Black Hearted Woman”. That tune just totally rocks! “Ptolemy” is also a great song. There isn’t a weak song on that record. One of my favorite records of all time, and still on my playlist.

    2. I love that entire record, and it is still in heavy rotation for me, as well.

      However, my favorite song, while I know it is the most commercial, is Jelly Roll. Every time it comes on, I cannot help but perk up, tap my foot and sing along. The song is infectiously melodic, and I think it still stands up, like a classic catchy Beatles tune.

      Another great Sykes album is Bad Boy Live, ❤️❤️❤️ it,

      D 🙂

  2. Don’t worry Dana your not alone I love Jelly Roll as well high on my list of favorite song I really syked for Sykes album Ben a long time coming

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