Ryan Loughlin and Scott Cronick of the Atlantic City Weekly spoke with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. Highlights from the interview appear below.

ACW: Brad Whitford and Gary Cherone are both on this tour with you. When you were putting the album together, did you think it would be fun to bring out some of these guys on the road instead of just your normal band?

JP: When I did the first show out here at the Roxy, everybody who played on the [Sweetzerland Manifesto] record was able to make it, so that is kinda the vibe we wanted. Rather than have one band and do a traditional tour, we decided to get a bunch of different guys who I wanted to play with. I don’t know what we’ve got in store for Atlantic City, but you never know. It’s all about playing some rock n’ roll and giving everyone a good time.

ACW: Aerosmith is going to play Jazzfest this year. Any plans for any more dates?

JP: I think the way things are going we are going to try and and take it easy. We may do a couple more one offs — maybe some festivals over the next six or eight months. In 2019 we will be closing in on our 50th anniversary, so we are planning some dates and a tour to celebrate that. Right now we are pretty much laying low and finishing up some solo things before we start that.

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  1. Traveling over 1,000 miles on I-95 beginning tomorrow morning to see Joe f–kin’ Perry & friends Friday night at the Borgata in Atlantic City! I know for sure Brad Whitford supposed to be there, and I heard some rumors it’s a possibility that the rest of Aerosmith – (Tyler, Hamilton and Kramer) might show up for a surprise jam, that would be f–kin’ awesome! Well, whatever happens and whoever shows up, it’s definitely going to be a “Rumble in the Jungle!” 😉 Cheers!! 🙂

    1. Wow! I know you’ll have a great time Doug! Fingers crossed that the Aerosmith boys show up and Jam with Joe!

    2. Horseman, hold your horses! 😉
      Greetings from Myrtle Beach, or wherever the hell we are! So, Horseman, you want my review? Okay, but remember, I’m no Eddie Trunk, but I’ll do my best. Keep in mind there was a strong “Buzz Buzz” in the air Friday night! 😉 Anyway, at 67, Joe still rips and Rocks as great as ever! Brad was solid as always, as was Dizzy from GNR on the keys. But Gary Cherone stole the show!!! He pushed his vocals to the “Extreme,” … crickets… LOL! I don’t know what the hell he drank or did before he hit the stage, but I NEVER heard Cherone sound that good! Joe made a great choice to have his fellow Bay Stater tour with him, and on “Quake,” Gary was unf–kingbelievable! I can’t wait to hear that song on the vinyl edition of Sweetzerland Manifesto! Opened with “Let The Music Do The Talking,” and closed with “Walk This Way.” No Hamilton, Kramer or Tyler, and no “Sweet Emotion,” but Perry & Friends more than made up for it with “One Way Street,” “Seasons Of Wither,” “East Coast West Coast,” and my fave Perry solo song – “Shakin’ My Cage!” All in all it was a great show! So cool to see Atlantic City is booming again! The old Taj Mahal is now the AC Hard Rock Hotel & Casino! Was supposed to open end of May, but now looks like end of June. Well, that’s it, bro, I’m tired, I need to get some rest before I hit the road again in the morning, still got over 500 miles to go before I’m “Back In The Saddle” again! Tomorrow morning I’ll be singing “Home Tonight!” 😉 Cheers!!

  2. 50 years later and still playing with the same lineup that was there at the beginning. Awesome! Steven Tyler, still one of the best frontmen in rock!

  3. 50th anniversary? First album came out in ’73. Maybe he means when they played their first show, but even that was the end of ’70 I believe. Either way, I’m just glad to get an Aerosmith tour! Best band ever, in my opinion.

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