James Wood of Guitar World spoke with guitarist Joe Perry. Portions of the interview appear below.

Guitar World: How did you become involved in the [Hollywood Vampires]?

Joe Perry: The original stuff on the record was pretty much done by the time I showed up. I came in while they were laying down tracks and was literally working right down from the studio they were in. I remember they kept calling me up and asking me to come over and sit in and play. One time they said, “Hey, tomorrow we’re going to be cutting a track with Paul McCartney. Do you want to come over?”—and I was like, “Um, yeah! OK!” [laughs].

Guitar World: Do you see the Hollywood Vampires as more of a long-term project?

Joe Perry: I’m hoping we’ll be able to write some more stuff and continue the vibe. It’s a dream come true for all of us to play together. But right now, we’re focusing on getting out there and seeing how it goes down. It’s a great lineup and the reason we’re doing it is to put some energy into the crowd and pay tribute to some of these great guys who are no longer around.

Guitar World: Steven [Tyler] recently spoke about a final Aerosmith tour in 2017. What are your thoughts on that?

Joe Perry: It’s one of many things we’ve talked about as a band, but I don’t know it’s the end. We take it from album to tour and day to day. It’s the same philosophy we’ve always had. But even if that final tour comes about, it could go on for two years. There are still a lot of places we haven’t played yet that we want to play. More to follow; let’s just put it that way.

Guitar World: What are your thoughts on Steven’s new solo album, We’re All Somebody from Somewhere?

Joe Perry: I’m really happy he did it because he’s been talking about it for years. It’s given us a chance to take a break and has worked out well for everyone that he’s finally getting to do it. I know he’s doing some gigs and going on the road after he releases the record, but the main thing is he’s having fun doing it. That’s why you do a solo record—to explore new music and work with different musicians. As long as he’s doing what he wants, that’s what counts.

Guitar World: Speaking of solo albums, can you give me an update on your next solo project?

Joe Perry: I’ve been doing a lot of writing and recording. Originally, it was jut going to be instrumental, but since I had so many tracks someone suggested I have a couple of vocalists come in that I never have a chance to work with. I’m not sure when it will come out, but I did release a single recently online with Terry Reid called I’ll Do Happiness, to give people a taste of what’s going on. People are really going to be surprised to hear some of this new stuff. It’s a whole different kind of energy than some of the other solo records I’ve done.

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