AceFrehley600 Ace Frehley says he once feared that he had gone blind when he suffered an allergic reaction to his famous KISS face paint.

The guitarist recalls a time in a Paris hotel room where he and a model friend downed four bottles of champagne after a show.

Frehley tells Loudwire: “I was in Paris, and I bumped into a model, a fashion model that I knew from New York. She was doing a photo shoot there. We ended up getting drunk on about four bottles of champagne, and I ended up passing out in the bed with my makeup on after the show. When I woke up, I had an allergic reaction from not taking the silver off, because it’s ground up metal. My eyes were swollen shut. I was blind.”

The band’s manager called for medical help, but Frehley genuinely feared he had lost his sight. He adds: “They rushed a doctor over, and they shot me up with, like, Prednisone, an anti-inflammatory that took it down. But for a minute there, I thought I was blind. I didn’t know what had happened. It was insane.”

In the rest of the interview below, the guitarist discusses his childhood and other musical projects.

Ace Frehley has a new album titled, Space Invader which will be released on June 24th through eOne Music.

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  • Lee on

    Ask him at the Starland Ballroom when Eddie hosts.

  • elliot on

    i have an allergic reaction to seeing “disgrace-man” and “copy cat” in ace and peter’s makeup.

    • Lindy on

      I love those nicknames.

    • Michael on

      Get over it and stop taking silly things so seriously.

  • joseph on

    I also dont like these imposters in ace n peter makeup. Paul n gene for the first time in my 35 yrs as a fan have really destroyed everything that was once good about this band and also goes to show u how important original guys are next to these imposters today in the. What almost 12/13 yrs since gene n paul put these two bozos n ace n peters makeup . What is the single most biggest accomplishment have the achieved that could remotely touch anything original kiss did in the 70663d and reunion tour. Not a thing.. I tell u one thing all they can do in a live setting is co headline tours because kiss today can’t simply do it on their own. Fact……I know this would not be the case with ace n peter

    • Kiss Theme Park on

      And the Ace and Peter tour is selling out at every venue.

    • Sean on

      Not only are Eric and Tommy impersonating Ace and Peter at this point, but Gene and Paul seem to be impersonating themselves from 30 years earlier. Gene and Paul (Paul in particular) are shells of their former selves. Gene and Paul stopped performing vocally at an acceptable level (Gene probably during the Crazy Nights Tour and Paul probably during the Reunion Tour) years ago. The entire band has operated for the last 12 years as an upscale KISS cover band. Why people would pay to see this is beyond reason.

    • Flaming Yute on

      You sound like some of the critics from the 70s. Kiss persevered back then, and they will now. You’re entitled to your opinion, but your opinion matters to no one.

    • Sean on

      Funny. That’s almost a direct quote of what Gene or Paul would have said. The problem with this statement is that Gene and Paul could actually sing back in the 70s. These days they just croak. I guess this would be acceptable if they were an instrumental band and they didn’t have any vocals in their songs, but until they morph into Joe Satriani and can play at his level, I’m not paying my hard earned cash to see a middle of the road cover band. Peter and Ace can currently sing circles around Gene and Paul. Peter still has it. Ace still has it. Gene and Paul wish they still had it.

    • Flaming Yute on

      “Sing circles around Paul and Gene”? Lol I guess that explains the tremendous success of Ace and Peter’s solo work in the last decade. Specifically, the All For One Album.

  • Larry "Stone Bandit" Jackson on

    Eddie…, I wonder if the song…, “Snowblind” has any ties to this story?

  • Ben Dover on

    Anything and everything that has KISS in the headline brings tons of traffic to this site. It’s a business decision. Shit, they’d post an article about what Gene’s middle finger smells like because they know it’ll bring eyeballs.

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