Today (October 9th), Greta Van Fleet releases its first new song in more than a year, My Way, Soon (Lava/Republic Records.)  The song is a liberating and jubilant track that celebrates and reflects the band’s personal transformation over the past three years.  Also, released is the track’s companion music video,Go here to check it out.
When Greta Van Fleet released  Highway Tune in March of 2017, a song that they wrote in their parent’s garage before any of them had turned 18, they had no idea the change it would bring to their lives.  The song would go on to become an international hit and Top Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Singles chart. Highway Tune would be followed by three more consecutive number one singles, a debut album that entered Billboard’s Top Rock Albums and Top Album Sales charts at number now, a Grammy Award for “Best Rock Album,” appearances on The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live, a Gold-certified debut album, an overflow crowd at their Coachella debut, a personal phone call from Elton John inviting them to perform at his Academy Awards Viewing Party, and most consequentially, 246 sold-out tour dates in 13 countries over five continents.
The four Greta Van Fleet band members – Josh and his twin brother Jake Kiszka (guitars), younger brother Sam (bass, keyboards), and long-time family friend Danny Wagner (drums) – were still under the legal drinking age, and two of them hadn’t yet graduated from high school.  However, within a few months, they left their safe and familiar family homes in Frankenmuth, Michigan, and entered a whole new – and entirely unanticipated – whirlwind of a world.  A world where they would learn and grow beyond their wildest imagination.
As Danny explains, “The definition of ‘normal’ has very much broadened over the past couple of years, and it has affected us as musicians, especially in the writing and recording of this new album.  We realized that while growing up, we had been shielded by a lot of things, we were unaware of a lot of things.  And then we were thrown out into this huge world, and it was a bit of a culture shock at first.”
“We’ve seen how people live in different parts of the world,” added Sam, “and we’ve developed intrinsic respect for different cultures and people.  We’ve gone from driving down a highway to a show and seeing endless miles of shantytowns in Sao Paulo, to playing some of the richest places on earth.” 
Added Jake, “The more we’ve seen – different cultures, people, and traditions – we’ve also seen a similarity between ourselves and these different cultures.  It surprises me how similar we all are.”

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  1. What a long post , I didn’t read one word of it lol , I clicked on where to watch and hear the new gret fleetlin song , and i have to say i really like the song , it’s got a great 70s rock vibe and sounds at least to my ear nothing like any zeppelin tune they have ripped off before , they seem with this tune at least to have found their own sound their own voice , so I have some hope for these guys , hopefully the rest of the album sounds like this , great song~

    1. Charles said Mark Slaughter, too. 🙂

      Even though they may be young, and while it is admirable that they are carrying the rock torch, I never got the hype,

      Also, sorry to add, but I find the singer’s voice quite unpleasant.

    2. Just listened again, because I must confess, I did not get get very far the first time.

      I also hear Mark Slaughter when he sings in the higher register, but I would still rather listen to Up All Night 😉

  2. No it’s not only you Dana like I’m hearing the first opening band waiting to see Metallica, Scorpions, Dokken and Van Halen in 88 Monsters of Rock. Giant stadium was barely 1/2 full (to capacity when Metallica came on)
    But to its like Mark Slaughter does Zeppelin

  3. That is a good step forward….they did get a lot better…I have to give them credit…what they need is Mutt in there to get a really good record out of ’em.

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