For a band to continue to thrive 40 years in the music business, the mantra must be, these songs are bigger than any one member. Grammy nominated hard rock legends Great White are adding onto that line with the saying: expect the unexpected. It’s rock and roll, baby. The peaks and the valleys haven’t stopped– nor has the music. Great White’s ride runs deep and its passion for the music goes beyond any depth. 

Four decades in and Great White is pleased to announce that it has enlisted Andrew Freeman to take over vocal duties.

“Andrew brings another vocal perspective, a different grit in his delivery,” lead guitarist, Mark Kendall said. “We’re so proud of our past. We’re humbled that our fans have stood by us for all these years – Andrew being here now is the next chapter. We couldn’t be more excited for fans to hear him sing the hits and help us continue to forge ahead.”

That arsenal of songs include the Grammy nominated Best Hard Rock Performance hit, Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Great White has sold over 10 million albums worldwide, has six Top 100 Billboard hits, nine Top 200 Billboard albums, two platinum albums, and clocked the top of MTV four times.

“I’m absolutely honored to contribute to the Great White legacy,” Freeman, who previously toured as guitarist for The Offspring, sang lead for George Lynch’s Lynch Mob and is also the lead singer for Last In Line, a band made up of former Dio members. “I’m fully aware of the history of this band and its brotherhood. Let’s rock.”

To experience their hits live in concert—Rock Me, Mista Bone, Save Your Love, House of Broken Love, and Lady Red Light—is to ride an emotional wave of sultry connections, arousing lyrics, and an all-out marathon of hard-hitting orchestrations. Audiences might also hear tracks like Something For You, Hard To Say Goodbye, Big Time or one of the many deep cuts from Great White’s 13 studio albums.

Catch Great White on tour! More dates are being added and all dates subject to change. Visit for additional details. 

June 4 | Grand Casino Hotel & Resort | Shawnee, Okla. *

June 10 | Richmond Harley Davidson | Ashland, Va. **

June 11-12 | Orange Loop Rock Festival | Atlantic City, N.J. ***

June 18 | Anheuser-Busch Brewery | Merrimack, N.H.**

June 22 | The Newberry | Great Falls, Mont. 

June 24 | Bash On The Riverwalk @ Minnequa Lake Veterans Memorial Park | Pueblo, Colo.

June 25 | Summerfest | Milwaukee, Wis.****

July 2 | Spooner Block Party @ Washburn County Fairgrounds | Spooner, Wis.

July 6 | Alameda County Fair | Pleasanton, Calif. 

July 7 | The Marquee | Tempe, Ariz. 

July 15 | Sounds Of Summer Concert Series @ Univest Perf. Center | Quatertown, Pa.*

July 30 | The Venue | Denver, Colo.

August 6 | Prairie Knights Casino & Resort | Fort Yates, N.D.**

August 12 | Paramount Arts Center | Ashland, Ky.**

August 13 | Honeywell Center | Wabash, Ind. **

August 20 | Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel | Fort Hall, Idaho*****

August 21 | Northern Quest Resort & Casino | Airway Heights, Wash.*****

September 2 | Obetz Zucchinifest | Obetz, Ohio

September 3 | Lancaster Fair |Lancaster, N.H.

September 15 | Kansas State Fair | Hutchinson, Kan.******

*With Queensryche

**With Slaughter

*** With Stephen Pearcy & Slaughter

****With Slaughter, Stryper 

*****With Tesla 

******With Quiet Riot

California-based Great White is Mark Kendall (guitar), Michael Lardie (guitar, keyboards), Audie Desbrow (drums), Scott Snyder (bass), and Andrew Freeman (vocals). Since 1982, the Great White sound has captivated audiences worldwide with crushing, blues-based guitar riffs and swagger that invokes an emotional high for anyone that listens. The band’s core writing team of Lardie and Kendall forged numerous hits over the years, and when Desbrow joined in ’85, the grooves hooked an amazing stride. Now for more than a decade, Snyder has merged his unforgiving rhythm to Desbrow’s relentless percussion.

From an early gig at the famed Los Angeles’ Troubadour, to sharing arena stages with rock’s biggest names like Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Scorpions, to globe-trotting alongside contemporaries Slaughter, Vixen, Skid Row, Vince Neil and more – Great White continues to bring its exhilarating live performance to the masses. 

Follow Great White online:,  Facebook: Great White Official, Twitter: @GreatWhiteRocks, YouTube: Official Great White TV  and Instagram: officialgreatwhite.

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  1. I don’t agree with bands replacing multiple original members and still calling your self … exmp: forienger ( zero) original members… When you lose the original “voice” or guitar
    Of an iconic band , you lose the thing that made you special.. you should move on as so and so paying tribute to the music of______

    1. All the singers below say hi:

      Ian Gillian (Deep Purple)
      Steve Perry (Journey)
      Phil Collins (Genesis)
      Phil Anselmo (Pantera)
      Ronnie James Dio (Black Sabbath)
      Sammy Hagar (Van Halen)
      Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)
      Brian Johnson (AC/DC)
      Mike Patton (Faith No More)
      Joey Belladonna (Anthrax)
      John Bush (Anthrax)

    2. Hi Medved,

      I think, and please forgive me if I am wrong, but Robert was not complaining about just replacing a singer, he was stating when there may only be two, one, or even no original bandmembers left, and yet the group still uses their original name.

  2. Thanks Dana !
    Maybe I could have clarified my comment a little more , zero, or just one original founding member member remaining, time to call yourself something else paying tribute to the band you are now covering –

  3. As tough as it is to watch the replacement band members, at times, it’s tough to see some of the originals sing or play currently as the hands of time has taken its toll on some original members musical abilities. I’m 50/50 on the replacement(s) issue. Some bands trade-up with replacements and the others, well…. At the end of the day, nobody is forcing anyone to buy new music from bands of the past or see a show if you don’t like what the band has evolved into.

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