As previously reported, Creatures Fest, which features former members of KISS (Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Bruce Kulick and Vinnie Vincent) is taking place this weekend in Nashville, TN.

Some fan filmed videos of the performances have been posted online and can be seen below.

Drummer Criss sings on KISS songs Hard Luck Woman, and Strange Ways, both featuring Frehley on lead guitar.

Additional performances, featuring Vinnie Vincent, Ace Frehley and Bruce Kulick, can be seen below.
Cold Gin

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  1. Peter Criss – 76-years-old, singing live without tapes.

    No wonder certain people in KISS are always ragging on the guy; he can still do what they can’t!! (Range has dropped a little; but that’s ageing for you.)

    1. And when he was singing hard luck woman away from his kit wile the rest of the guitarist were sitting he refused to sit.
      Nothing against Singer but Pete is the one true Catman

  2. Well, it’s neat to see from a curiosity perspective, but if we’re being honest, that’s not as good as the comments imply. Can’t remember the words, the tempo seems slow (on a song that is already slow)… and let’s see him do that night after night after night with travel, all across the world. I’m sour on Peter; I saw him on his last tour with Kiss (with Aerosmith) and it was an embarrassment. Gene and Paul did the right thing.

    1. Stadler , I agree with your comments , but I’m not that sour on Pete, this was pete and ace probably listened to these songs a few times at home and then ran em a couple of times at sound check, very informal, Pete could probably get himself together enough to play 3 or 4 songs with the band to end things with kiss , ace would focus more as well ,
      But, a big question would be do they really want to with the lipsyncing and backing tracks , I wish eddie would get Pete and Ace on together and ask them that question .. that would be an interview every kiss fan and rock music fan would want to hear~

  3. Ok. Let’s put aside our Paul-and-Gene Hate for just a little bit and really be objective. There is an obvious reason why the original lineup isn’t touring. Peter Criss (as much as we’re all fond of him) could not withstand a single KISS song played at normal live speed without collapsing. That’s not saying anything bad about him. It’s just acknowledging that he’s every bit his 76 years of age.

    As for these video clips:

    Hard Luck Woman: If Paul and Gene played Hard Luck Woman this poorly, everyone on this site would be destroying them. Sure, there’s no pre-recorded tapes playing…but maybe there should have been. Also, it’s super-obvious that Ace was literally searching for the chords to the song as the band was playing. Dude, people paid money to see this. Maybe run through the song once at home to re-learn the chords…or call “KISS’s errand boy,” Tommy Thayer!

    Strange Ways: See my first paragraph.

    Vinnie Vincent Solo: You ever see that 14-year old kid at Guitar Center trying to show off, but only succeeds at playing badly and annoying the crap out of everyone in the place?….

    Cold Gin: Why does Vinnie Vincent have child-bearing hips?

  4. Two of my favorite Kiss songs. Peter has the best voice in Kiss IMO
    Paul wrote some really great songs for Rock and Roll Over – my favorite originals release.

    Ace’s solo in Strange Ways is wicked (album version).
    Glad to see Peter can still sing and play (better than I hoped).

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