tatesqueensryche2013 Geoff Tate’s version of Queenryche has issued a new single called Cold from their forthcoming album Frequency Unknown, due for release on April 23 through Deadline Music/Cleopatra. Listen to it below.

Frequency Unknown track listing:

1. When Lightning Strikes
2. Running Backwards
3. Fallen
4. Life Without You
5. In The Hands Of God
6. Cold
7. The Weight Of The World
8. Slave
9. Dare
10. Everything

Bonus tracks: (2013 versions)

11. Silent Lucidity
12. Empire
13. Jet City Woman
14. I Don t Believe In Love


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  • Steve on

    This song is boring as hell. The guitars sound like what every other modern rock band out there. The whole rock music scene has become really lame stale. Why can’t any band dare to sound different and make some kick ass music. Anyways…. back to Queensryche. I like the song from the other version of the band better than this. In the end I think both versions need to call it a day and move on and lay Queensryche to rest. Let us remember the good times and happy memories from the bands past albums.

  • bigsled on

    @ Kenny . So Eddie, Scott ,and Wilton couldn’t speak up since, when would you say , when Chris left ? Sometime between 97-98 .
    3 full grown men that didn’t know how to sit down with their singer and give him a ultimatum ? For 12 years !! Then………….Finally they grew some balls…………..Well, I guess not since it was behind his back at a show in Brazil. And they ran away instead of talking.
    The general public, the ones that go to a Queensryche show. When they find out Geoff is not leading the band , they will not go for it .
    Everyone knows Geoff. Nobody knows who the bass,guitar,and drummer were except Chris when he was playing.. There is a reason for that : Eddie and Wilton just sit on stage playing like they were dead. No stage presence at all . …No smiling…. Nothing… Thats a fact…. Geoff carried the show !! What do they have now ? DeGarmo ? No… A copycat singer ? Yes
    Do you remember what happened to Priest,Crue,Ratt,Journey( can you imagine the arena’s Journey would be selling out with Perry ? )
    The audiance at Sleeplahoma was waiting for Chickenfoot. Nobody had their hands in the air ….. Nobody getting into it….. . I dont blame them ….. Eddie and Wilton are boring to watch. And Parker, Ha !
    Geoff was just kidding w/ them . Trying to get them up and rockin. I would assume they were not Ryche fans anyway.

    P.S. Geoff can now hire better players then wilton,eddie,scott,parker( that…. wont be hard to do. lol) = WIN

  • anthony on

    The other guy ain’t shit….his claim to fame is that he sounds like the younger version of Geoff Tate?..Wow,aint that fucking great….Check me out,I sound like the old singer,just younger….In that first Rising West show he says”Now that’s the way this shit is supposed to sound” Really? how many of those fucking songs did he write or record…None?….and Geoff ain’t innocent in this shit either…instead of getting some young guns and going out playing the old shit they said he couldn’t sing,he hires some retreads,although respectable,they are still retreads…but Geoff is Queensryche…those are his songs….so the newer shit is weak…what older band puts out great music later n their careers? Almost none…at least Geoff would rather not do the shit he can’t really do anymore than do it and suck…and these guys were doing about 6 or 7 of the songs in their setlist with Geoff anyway….Todd La Torre is a Karaoke singing opportunist…Fuck him…..and Parker…Really? Any Ryche stuff is new to him…he’s 13 years old…That “Redemption” song sucks…same mid tempo shit they were doing with Geoff….”Cold” is a better song…and I would never admit to knowing what a Nickleback song sounds like….I’m just Sayin’…..

  • Chuck Rand on

    So much has already been covered here. A few observations, however:
    1. Geoff is the face and voice of Queensryche. That’s undeniable. And if the band was a democracy, it never showed. It is quite apparent to any longtime fan, or even a casual listener of their first 5 albums, that Tate and DeGarmo were the key ingredients in the sound and songwriting. That is not to diminish the musical contribution of the other players as noted here already, for they, too, are a part of “the sound,” but they were have not seemed to contribute leadership or musical direction.
    2. What Wilton, Rockenfield, and Jackson lack in stage presence (mobility and expression), they certainly compensate for with skill. Wilton has done a heck of a job carrying many of DeGarmo’s leads, Jackson is a solid, pocket player whose bass rhythms are unmistakably prominent on many of Ryche’s best tracks, and Rockenfield is arguably one of the best drummers in the business, composing distinctive rhythms with a rock/jazz flavor.
    3. Regarding both current Queensryche incarnations’ new material, both appear to be doing the work that should have been done all along. Wilton, Rockenfield, and Jackson are stretching themselves and directing their musical legacy and destination. That’s good for them personally and professionally. Tate has been forced to reflect and re-evaluate himself personally and professionally to determine what his musical legacy will be, because quite honestly, “Dedicated to Chaos” is not it. “Frequency Unknown” has tremendous promise, and I believe it’s in Tate’s best interest to concede that he is a unique and powerful voice for hard rock music and that such fans are his bread and butter and those most appreciative and supportive of his vocal talent. Therein lies his legacy.
    4. Rocklahoma – Very simply, the crowd WAS dead, and many in the crowd during Ryche’s time slot were probably awaiting other bands and/or were too old/tired/hammered to display much enthusiasm. Tate’s comment was probably made in jest but was a poor choice of words and quite unprofessional even if his goal was to get an energetic reaction. It seems too deep into Tate’s career for such a verbal flub.

    In closing, the two current Queensryche incarnations are doing separately what they should be doing together. As already stated in another posting, a band disconnected from its highly popular and visible lead singer is a recipe for disaster, with the exception of an untimely death (such as Bon Scott). I am optimistic that Queensryche will reunite. I am also a hold out for a day where the original lineup along with DeGarmo at least tour, if not record, one more hard rock hoorah so that they go out with a bang instead of a thud. I have been a die hard Ryche fan for decades, and there’s very little in the catalog that I do not like or respect. So, I wish all the band members the best because this is their life’s work, and their labors feed their families and set the soundtrack for many of our lives.

  • Ron Shouter on

    I like this tune – actually very catchy – but my fear is that it turns out to be the best song on the album. I’ve been duped before by recent Queensryche.

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