Gene Simmons says he hates playing KISS’, I Was Made For Loving You, because of its signature melody.

Simmons was a guest of OK Magazine when he was asked to name a KISS song he didn’t like, but one that still went on to become a hit.

He says that when Paul Stanley first introduced him to the tune, which appeared on their 1979 album Dynasty, he was immediately impressed with Stanley’s opening lyrics. But when Gene asked what his part was, he was told it would be the catchy chorus melody.

Simmons said to Stanley, “You’re killing me. I’m going to sing like my grandmother? I hate playing that song today. Stadiums full of people jumping up and down like biblical locusts. They go nuts jumping up and down and I’m going, ‘Do, do, do, do, do, do, kill me now. Still to this day I hate that song.”

Watch the video interview below.

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  • Doug R. on

    You know what bugs me, why so many KISS fans (and band members) hate that song so much. When Grateful Dead came out with the disco-ish “Shakedown Street” (great song, btw) I don’t recall the Deadheads turning their backs on the band. Yeah, it flipped some out, but after the initial shock of WTF wore off, GD fans actually embraced the song! I could see if a band like Black Sabbath made a disco-ish song people freaking out, but bands like KISS always did things their own way a little differently than the “norm.” I don’t know, it never bothered me, it was 1 song, and a very good song at that! Hold your laughter, but occasionally back in the late 70’s early 80’s, I used to DJ some disco parties, and I never played, or had a request for IWMFLY at a disco party! Bee Gees, KC & The Sunshine Band, Chic, Donna Summer, all the time, but never KISS! Hell, I even got requests for “Disco Duck!” Okay, now you can laugh! LOL!!!!!!

  • jimk on

    I may B in the minority , but I like Dynasty & Unmasked. Best vocal from Gene is Naked City. In my opinion.

  • shannon mehaffey on

    DR…that is an awesome comment….awesome …you’re right about that Alive III version, it’s exciting and transforms the song into something really enjoyable.

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