Lauren Holter of Yahoo Entertainment reports:

Gene Simmons was sued by a woman who claims the KISS singer groped her in 2016, and the allegation sounds similar to a different case he settled earlier this year.

The woman, who hasn’t been identified, alleged in court documents first obtained by The Blast that Simmons assaulted her at the opening of one his Rock & Brews restaurants, where she was reportedly working as a dishwasher.

She said she agreed to take a photo with Simmons when he came into the kitchen, but alleged that he “reached over and forcefully placed his hand on her vagina, completely covering it.” She further alleged that she saw the musician act “in a sexually charged manner” with other women that day.

Simmons has not publicly responded to the allegation, and Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to his team for comment.

Simmons’ Rock & Brews restaurants are located all over the country, and it’s unclear at which branch the unnamed woman was working. She’s reportedly seeking unspecified damages.

The case comes months after Simmons settled another sexual battery claim against him. After an unnamed radio personality accused him in 2017 of groping her at the opening of a California Rock & Brews restaurant, The Blast reported that Simmons had settled for an unknown amount.

“Friends, I intend to defend myself against any alleged charges you may have been reading about in the media,” Simmons said in a statement to Pitchfork before the settlement.

Less than 24 hours after The Blast broke the news about the latest lawsuit, Simmons announced the passing of his mother, Flora Klein.


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  • genesraccoonwig on

    Surprised this has not happened sooner. Guilty or not, Gene is a pig.

  • Doug R. on

    RIP Flora Klein.
    As far as these allegations go, I don’t believe them for a second! Just another witchhunt-ing for money.

  • robert davenport on

    It’s not surprising to me that Gene is being accused of this- at the same time no matter how flat a pancake is there are 2 sides- also , too many women have been abused in the music industry to let this kind of allegation slide without being investigated- you know I cant help but think about his wife and kids having to deal with this kind of thing – we all poke fun at kiss lately with all their nonsense and their lip syncing etc…. but this is very serious , I hope the allegation ends up being unfounded-
    Gene if you read this I’m so very sorry to hear of your mothers passing , my thoughts and prayers are with your family ~bob

  • Rattlehead on

    By ‘defend myself’, does Gene mean ‘financially settle’ with the accuser?

  • robert davenport on

    Anyone man or woman who follows kiss and hasn’t lived under a rock knows about Gene’s photo “collection ” and his 1’000’s of sexual conquests – I’m not trying to gloss over or diminish the groping allegation buy any means , but Gene is a multi-millionaire and he still acts sexually ridiculous towards women – at this point I really hope it’s just part of his schtick … he probably should stop- my point is its reasonable to think this makes him an easy target , I always find it very shady when I read or hear of someone who waits years to level an accusation at someone- I asked my wife that question what would you do if… some celebrity in your workplace put his hand on your vagina, ass, breasts etc… her answer.. she is handling it right then slapping this person down standing up for herself letting her employer know etc… not waiting even 10 minutes let alone 2 years down the road to do what she needs to do – she also gave me this really great insight , she is a strong woman and she said she would be over it in 10 minutes and she would just get on with her day – food for thought for sure…..

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Well said and bravo to your wife.
      Celebrity or not – if someone puts their hands in an inappropriate area – let them know immediately.

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