Steven Adler posted a video to his Facebook in which he says he’s alive, well and eager to hit the stage.

In the video, Adler says that he is “really sorry for all this media confusion that’s been going on. I’m alive and well. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody July 12th at the Golden Nugget in Vegas, and July 13th at the motorcycle rally in Oregon. … I love everybody and I can’t wait to see you and hug everybody. Thank you so much for your love and support.”

According to TMZ, “someone at Adler’s L.A. home called 911 shortly after 6:30 Thursday night to report someone had stabbed themselves.” When police and paramedics got to the location they “discovered it was Adler who had suffered a stab wound to his stomach.

A representative for the musician insisted it was a “very minor, superficial wound” that was caused by an accident. They went on to specify that this was not a suicide attempt.

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  1. you just cannot trust these tabloid sites for telling anything close to the truth – Adlers story had all the red flags of click bait reporting – these awful sites unfortunately paint all media outlets with the same brush – the honest reputable sites trying to do good work seem to be declining in this world of post it first click bait , ask questions and vet it later…… there are still reputable sites out there for real news THE REAL NEWS NETWORK and MATT TIABBI @ ROLLING STONE are 2 sources where I know I am getting real honest news reporting where all stories are checked and double checked before they are put out there – also on this site I can depend on Dana for doing her best to report accurate music news –

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