eddieand aceshardroc Watch a backstage extra from That Metal Show below.

It features original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley and our very own Eddie Trunk talking about their history and how Eddie had a hand in signing him to Megaforce Records.

Ace Frehley was a guest on the April 25th episode along with Grand Funk Railroad singer and guitarist Mark Farner. It also featured the debut of Nita Strauss from Alice Cooper as the guest musician.

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  • Geno Rife on

    The player on the vh1thatmetalshow only says the first part up up the first commercial break.

    Just a heads up. Maybe let someone know.

    • Eddie on

      I don’t run it but will, thanks

  • Doug R. on

    Happy Birthday Ace, have a blast! Cheers to THE Spaceman.

  • dcinsc7 on

    Mr. Eddie Trunk,
    After watching the segment with Ace and Mark, I felt you were overly anxious to redirect the entire conversation to Ace. Each time Don and Jim asked Mark a question, you would cut them off and spin their question to Ace, who predictably didn’t remember anything. I was interested in what Mark had to say because I don’t know that much about him and his departure from Grand Funk. Anyone that’s a fan of your shows knows the Ace story, so more from Mark would’ve been refreshing. Please re-watch the segment and judge whether or not you were over zealous to include feedback from Ace on questions directed to Mark. Please don’t ban me from your site. I’m just offering my opinion.

  • Mr. Rock And Roll on

    Great episode of TMS, guys! Mark Farner is so, SO underrated. And of course, having Ace on is always a treat.

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