eddievh400 EVH is proud to announce the release of a brand new exclusive video of Eddie Van Halen personally demonstrating the new limited edition EVH Brand 5150 IIIS “Stealth” amplifier.

Filmed at 5150 studio exclusively with GoPro video cameras, fans will for the first time be able to see what Eddie sees when he’s playing and experience Eddie’s own perspective through the eyes of multiple GoPro cameras.

In addition, Eddie explains the inspiration of how the specially modified circuit originated and personally walks viewers through his amplifier rig showcasing its exclusive features and settings while playing some of his signature riffs and displaying some of his groundbreaking playing techniques. All from a perspective no one has ever seen before. Watch it below.

The limited edition hand-modified EVH 5150 IIIS Stealth head and 4×12 cabinet combination is identical to the most recent rig Eddie has toured with and features the exact same custom modifications. The head and cabinet are available individually, or together as a complete half stack.

The 120-watt head features a single input and three channels (clean, crunch, lead), each with versatile controls (volume, gain, presence, low, mid, high). Channel two features increased gain for greater sustain and is re-voiced for improved low-mid frequency definition; channel three also features increased gain and improved range for the “low” control. Further, each channel has a rear-panel resonance control knob that dials in fine-tuned low-end response. The amp boasts eight JJ ECC83 preamp tubes, four hand selected high performance 6L6 power tubes, switchable output impedance (4, 8 and 16 ohms) and rear-panel “outboard accessible” bias probe ports as well as an outboard accessible and adjustable bias control. Other features include vintage-style “chicken head” control knobs, red jewel pilot light, dual speaker jacks, all tube effects loop, direct out and 3 super durable molded plastic handles.

The speaker cabinet features rock-solid birch construction, four Celestion® EVH G-12 speakers, EVH casters and recessed metal handles. Head and cabinet come in a special black “Stealth” aesthetic; and a seven-pin, four-button footswitch is included (controls each channel and the effects loop). Optional EVH fitted cover also available.

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  • James K. on

    That amp is a gain monster for sure. Eddie’s classic sound is less distorted than people may think. It’s all in how he wired those old pickups, how his amp were hotwired, the tubes he used and just the touch he had. That’s why he had such a warm “brown” sound. I think nowadays he’s changed because his hearing isn’t what it used to be. I have an EVH Stealth Wolfgang guitar but I have kinda lost my enthusiasm for it sone. That’s mainly because I bought a Peavy HP Special CT guitar from a friend of mine last year (I wish Peavy would start making those again) and it helped point out faults in the Stealth I hadn’t noticed that much before. For one, the pickups on the Stealth sound a little too bright. The Peavy’s pickups are more responsive and clean up better. They can rage to but don’t sound as harsh or brittle when cranked full. They have a full, well rounded and warmer sound. The neck on the Peavy feels better to. As for the 5150 amps, I used to own a Peavy 6505+ and it’s similar in gain, although I think the 5150 takes it further and has three channels where the 6505+ only has two. I have an old Marshall JCM 800 that works just fine and I don’t think I’ll trade it in for anything else. I may play different guitars but I’m too attached to that amp.

  • D. Comiskey on

    Good god, that amp sounds INCREDIBLE!! I had an original Peavey EVH head that I STUPIDLY traded for a Marshall JCM100. Biggest gear mistake ever. Tried to get it back two days later and was too late.

  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Cool video. Love the brown sound no matter what he’s using, Sound is great.

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