See video, posted by the band, below.

The band formed in Huntington Park, California, in 1981, by rhythm guitarist Kerry King, original lead guitarist Jeff Hanneman, drummer Dave Lombardo, and bassist and vocalist Tom Araya.

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  • Rattlehead on

    IMO, Slayer has been the most consistent thrash band of the so called BIG 4. I have seen them countless times since their beginning, including the BIG 4 show in CA a few years ago, and I really enjoy the aggression of their music.

    With the passing of Jeff Hanneman, a principal song writer, and the current state of the band, I agree that it may be time for Slayer to call it a career. While Gary Holt is a great guitarist to replace Hanneman, I think his music contributions (lead solos aside) would not be readily accepted by Kerry King as Slayer songs and probably would better qualify as Exodus material, anyway. And, IMO, from a music standpoint, Exodus should be the band to replace Slayer as a BIG 4 entry.

    I love the speed and aggression of Slayer’s music and it often accompanies me on trips to the gym, runs along the beach, or any other necessary “pick me up” moment. It’s been a great career for Slayer, one that’s lasted a lot longer that I thought it would have for a band that consistently plays with such intensity. Slayer may never have had the commercial success of some other BIG 4 bands, but I greatly respect that they stayed true to their niche…and, IMO, did it well…..

  • Keith G on

    Another legendary band calling it a day! All of us who love this type of music know that this will be happening more and more as the bands we all grew up with and loved all these years are getting older and just can’t keep up this type of lifestyle anymore. As for Slayer, I’ve never been a huge fan. But I respect them for their longevity and the obvious loyalty that they have inspired in the folks that love what they do. So, I hope that their fans come out and support their final tour and give these guys a great send off. They deserve it!

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