Ryan Reed of Rolling Stone reports:

Eddie Van Halen is marking the 40th anniversary of Van Halen’s self-titled debut LP with a trio of tribute guitars – the Super ’78, ’78 Eruption Relic and ’78 Eruption – modeled after the signature black-and-white-striped instrument he used to record that iconic album.

“Of all the guitars I’ve ever built, the white and black guitar will always be my favorite because it did all the things I needed a guitar to do, which prior to that guitar did not exist,” Van Halen said in a statement. “So much changed because of it. I recorded the first album with it and did the first world tour with it. The ’78 Eruption tribute is as close to my original in sound and feel as humanly possible. I’m incredibly proud of it.”

EVH Gear recreated the guitar, named after the musician’s instrumental showcase Eruption, along with the accompanying period-correct case and case candy items.

The Super ’78 model, limited to only eight guitars, includes all of the original Eruption guitar’s technical and design specs – including an ash Fender Stratocaster body, vintage Stratocaster bridge and black-and-white-striped paint job designed to recreate the wear and tear of Van Halen’s first world tour. The company also recreated Van Halen’s original G&G case and accessories, including Seventies-era Fender Super Bullet strings, Van Halen Seventies tortoiseshell picks and a ’78 chain strap.

The package also includes an exclusive collector’s booklet, a backstage pass vinyl cloth sticker and multiple autographed pieces, including a certificate of authenticity, 8×10 1978 concert photo of the guitarist, a vinyl copy of Van Halen and a rare original red vinyl of Van Halen’s Looney Tunes Merrie Melodies. The guitarist played Eruption on each guitar and signed the back of every headstock, and a video recording of the performance will be included on an EVH thumb drive.

The ’78 Eruption Relic, limited to 30 guitars, included all the specs of the Super ’78, along with the G&G case and accessories. This model also features a collector’s booklet, backstage pass sticker, concert photo, signed certificate of authenticity and autographed copy of Van Halen.

The ’78 Eruption, limited to 40 pieces, is designed to appear in its original pristine condition, prior to the band’s world tour. In addition to the G&G case and accessories, it includes the booklet, sticker, concert photo, signed certificate of authenticity and autography vinyl copy of Van Halen.

source: rollingstone.com

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  • Doug R. on

    Greatest debut album of all time! There have been some other great ones, but Van Halen’s debut album is still the best, IMO.

  • Jason Falkinham on

    As a massive VH and Gn’R fan I flip their debuts back and forth at #1…both absolute game changers!

  • Rattlehead on

    IMO, kinda a narcissist way to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary of their debut album. I think a tour or special release of the debut album would have been a better way to celebrate the band’s debut album anniversary.

    Doug R., I agree VH 1 is the greatest debut album of all time. Boston’s debut album is my next favorite debut album.

    • Doug R. on

      Mine too! Followed by Uncle Ted! Damn bro, we should do a top 20 favorite debut albums list! 😉

  • AL on

    40th Milestone…would’ve been good to hear Full Album live…with Mikey and the gang. But I guess we just get guitars that nobody can afford. Dude Eddie bring Dave and Sam on tour. BS. man,,,I am like done with this band. I’m going to Cabo

  • James K. on

    Greatest debut album of all time. I would have loved to have been older when it was released (I was 8) just to see first-hand the terror it struck in guitarists everywhere. All I cared about when I was 8 was trying to hit a home run in little league and jumping homemade ramps with my bike.

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