BobDaisley400 Bassist Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Gary Moore) was a special guest on Eddie’s Sirius/XM’s show, Eddie Trunk Live, on December 16th.

Daisley discussed his autobiography, For Facts Sake, Richie Blackmore, Randy Rhoads and Ozzy Osbourne. Listen to the interview below.

Please visit Bob’s official website to purchase a copy of the book and to learn more about this very talented musician and lyricist.


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  1. They never got screwed by Sharon or Ozzy or Sony lawyers….they needed work and an A-list act like Ozzy is just like Dio said to Vivian: “Take it or I get somebody else, it is a career move”. 5 bills a week to Jake was a fortune. I’m sure Daisley & Vin have receipts of wage that are laughable. Non of these guys got merchandising deals. Ozzy 100%. Paul Anka to his entire crew and orchestra: “I’m the only guy on the marquee, it is “My Way” or the highway”.

    1. Not necessarily. If you read Bob’s book, Ozzy desperately needed him (as well as Rhoads, Kerslake, Jake, etc., etc.)

      He couldn’t write lyrics and he wasn’t exactly considered a hot commodity after he got the boot from Sabbath. He was a hot mess and needed all the assistance that he could get from a surplus of talented musicians.

      Additionally, he gave Bob a “gentleman’s agreement,” and Daisley being a decent person, took Osbourne at his word. Ozzy may have had the name, but the talent portion of the equation is certainly questionable.

      While I do like Ozzy, and find that he has a very witty sense of humor, the truth be told, if he wasn’t surrounded by all the talent and help that he received over the many decades of his iconic career, where would he be?

    2. Ozzy could have easily hooked up with some losers after Sabbath, and never went anywhere, but luckily for him the talent he got was beyond amazing. His name (Ozzy) is on the marque, but he couldn’t have done squat without Randy, Bob and the guys. They wrote and performed these incredibly powerful and complex songs, which also provided the kind of backing music for Randy to announce himself to the guitar world (And Boy did he!).

    3. To Dans’s point, read Jake E Lee’s interview on ultimateclassicrock.com on the30th anniversary of Bark at the Moon. Jake surprisingly tells it like it is, and if he is to be believed (and I believe him), he and Bob did most of the work on that album, including writing and Jake says they got screwed over when they had been verbally promised they would get writing credits. I agree Ozzy could’ve gotten any talent he wanted. But he needed the song writing and studio genius to create some of the masterpieces that he did with Randy, Jake, Bob, Zakk, or anyone else. If Jake and Bob aren’t there, Bark at the Moon and Ultimate Sin aren’t the albums that they are.

    4. Nobody said that there shouldn’t be a modicum of fairness involved. If you continually shaft those around you that make you better, then you will eventually be left with very little. Ozzy may be the exception to that, as it appears that he has gotten away with profiting on the talent of others for many years, and thanks to the ruthlessness of his b**** wife/boss/manager/evil spawn of Satan, he (or maybe more appropriately, she) will continue to profit. I just ordered Bob’s book and am really looking forward to reading it.

      Reading these comments also brought to mind David Lee Roth, another egomaniacal idiot that was always as good as the guys around him, but he somehow never figured that out. After Van Halen, he was incredibly fortunate to put together an incredible band with Vai/Sheehan/Bissonette, but after those guys moved on and Jason Becker fell ill, his solo career was history. And apparently he didn’t have a ruthless and evil woman to fall back on to keep his career on track.

    1. I agree with your comments above to a point. With Daisley, it’s kind of like “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” Daisley had a lot more leverage than he probably thought. Just the fact that Sharon kept coming back. He should’ve held out and watched the albums do worse and worse, then negotiated from a position of power.

      It was all about the songs. I think the lyrics were perfect – not too shallow not too deep. What made us check out Ozzy was the strength of the material. Not the guitar playing per se, even though it was great. But the songs were strong. Same with Sabbath with Dio – as soon as I heard Neon Knights, we knew we had to get the album and see the tour.

    2. You make an excellent point, however, if you read Bob’s book, both he and Lee Kerslake never wanted to completely burn bridges with Sharon and Ozzy because they promised to help them in their litigation against Sharon’s father, Don Arden. Guess what? They lied and changed their story in the deposition.

      Consequently, on the flip side, Don Arden then promised to aid both Daisley and Kerlake in their lawsuit against the Osbourne’s, whom Arden claimed were the real villains in the scenario. Care to venture a guess as to what happened with those proceedings?

      Suffice it to say, the Osbourne’s aren’t the nicest people to do business with, sadly, according to Daisley’s book, they speak with forked tongues.

      D 🙂

  2. Arden buried the U.S. in NEMS Records imports for years of budget Sabbath compilations. Nasty guy. Anybody who sided with him was crazy. Bob co-wrote a lot of multi-million selling songs. I haven’t read the book but I guess his percentage of the Blizzard Publishing was not much or a total buy-out.

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