eddie400 Adrian Peel of Digital Journal spoke with our namesake Mr. Trunk. Select quotes from the feature appear below.

Who would Eddie like to have on That Metal Show who’s not been on before?

“Artists I want and what the audience wants might not always be the same thing. I like to give the lesser known guys a shot, but the network always wants the main stars of major bands. We have a good balance. Guys we’ve never had on that are often requested are Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, James Hetfield, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, Ozzy… Our door is wide open. For many it’s just a matter of schedule or they aren’t comfortable doing TV but love the show. For a few, they just have issues.”

People often say that they don’t want to meet their heroes as they believe they’ll be disappointed (especially if said hero has “issues”), yet Eddie Trunk has met a number of his. What’s his view on this idea of maintaining a certain “mystique” between artist and fan?

“I understand it and it’s not a bad idea… There are some people I have met over the decades that have had me sour on them because of their behavior. But anyone can have a bad day and fans have to remember that. You also have to remember these guys are constantly getting hammered by fans for stuff and sometimes it becomes over the top, especially if out eating or with family. I’ve seen many fans behave great when they approach celebs and others act way out of line and deserve to be blown off, so it does work both ways.”

Read the entire piece at Digital Journal.

source: digitaljournal.com

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  • MNM on

    Spinal Tap!!

    But I dig the Rik Emmett idea a lot.

  • Robert on

    Eddie, When is TMS going to air the new season, I’m looking forward to it. Would like to see many of the above guests mentioned.

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