eddie-trunk400 Jimmie Tramel of Tulsa World reports:

Trunk was asked this question: What’s the state of music right now? He said he can only speak in terms of rock music “because that’s what I know and live in, but I think it’s fairly healthy.”

Eddie continues, “I think unfortunately record sales and music sales are not there and I don’t know if they are ever coming back. We’re dealing with a new generation that doesn’t even feel that music is something you should own or have to pay for. It’s really going to be really hard to change that thinking with the younger people.

For me, I’m still all about owning CDs and having physical ownership of music. That’s more and more being thought of as sort of an old-school mentality. But where rock music is really, really, really thriving is live. It was always best served live and if you see what’s going on now, you have more bands on the road than ever before….

Just like anything, the strong will survive. The people who are smart and figure out a way to recreate or reinvent themselves are going to do just fine, but you are going to have some casualties. You are going to have casualties with the cruises. You are going to have casualties when it comes to festivals. It is going to happen because there are just so many of them. I don’t know how much the market can really hold.

“But, for now, I think the music industry is reinventing itself and as far as rock music is concerned, the live stage is where it’s at. I wish radio played more new music. I wish fans purchased music. But they are still certainly coming out to see it. We’ll see where it goes from there.”

Read more at Tulsa World. Also, read part one of Eddie’s interview with Tulsa World, here.

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  • gregg forbes on

    tiger of pantang,eat me

  • Kelly Smith on

    I agree with Eddie, as well as, Kenneth regarding the thought of wanting to own the physical CD. I am the same way. When I find Bands that I want to follow and support, I want the CD to have for my collection to not only hear the music obviously, but to also read the info, view the album art,…etc.. That’s our generation. But, I also feel that is in part an idea for the new generation disconnect as well.

    They’ve been raised in the Technology Era that is built on not needing the physical element to support speed & convenience. Think Cell Phones, and note the amount of younger people staring at a phone, instead of looking at the person sitting directly in front of them, it’s pretty sad in my opinion. Without having, or wanting the actual CD (the physical element) doesn’t make it as “real” in my opinion, therefore making it harder for this generation to want to follow and support Bands as much as we did, and continue to do.

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