As previously reported on this site, Metallica played with Lady Gaga at the Grammy awards this past Sunday night (February 12th). To say the performance was polarizing, is an understatement. From the band not being introduced, to singer James Hetfield’s mic not working, it certainly made for an “interesting” show.

The performance is posted below followed by a couple of reactions, including one from our very own Eddie Trunk.

Eddie’s thoughts:

Comedian Jim Breuer’s reactions:

So, what’s your thoughts on the performance?

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  • RTunes68 on

    As the Mayor of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, I think Eddie should be given authority to decide who hard rock/heavy metal bands can play with and who they can’t. Metallica and Slayer duet? Yes! Metallica and Lady Gaga duet? No!

    If, as a result of this duet, some pop-loving Lady Gaga fans suddenly get turned onto Metallica, the Mayor (Eddie) should have the authority to tell the fans to get lost. “You weren’t in the trenches with the rest of us at L’Amour’s in ’85, man!”

    (Seriously, I agree that the Grammy production/staff was pretty inept [James’ mic, the teleprompter text for Laverne Cox, and the Rock of Ages “headbangers”], but I found nothing wrong with Metallica performing with Gaga.)

    • Dana on

      God bless you for the L’Amour reference. I spent most my formative years there. 🙂

      D 🙂

    • jimk on

      Your a wise person. I completely agree.

  • Donald Pudas on

    Holy shit. Jim, stop spinning in circles and shaking you phone all over the place. You’re making me sick.

  • Donald Pudas on

    Watching any awards show is lame. A popularity contest at best. Nothing to do with talent. Even the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. It’s really about charging guests $10,000 a seat. If people stopped watching Grammy, Emmy, etc, etc, they’d go away.

  • Mark Ellis on

    Eddie has captured my un-articulated angst about this s&%t-storm exactly.

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