VanHalen2012 Australia’s Triple M recently conducted a short interview with Eddie and Alex Van Halen. Read it below.

Triple M: Eddie is it true your dad gave you a shot of vodka and a cigarette when you were 12-years-old to help combat nerves?

Eddie: Yes, to help calm my nerves. Worked for him and worked for me for a lot of years, but those days are over now. I quit smoking and quit drinking about five or six years ago. There goes the neighborhood.”

Triple M: Alex, you are an ordained minister?

Alex: I don’t promote it but I don’t deny it. I’m in a rock band so you have to take everything with a grain of salt.

Triple M: Van Halen are actually the band KISS without make-up?

Alex: I think we’re much better looking.

Triple M: Of course, Van Halen hit Australia this April with the old dog, David Lee Roth on vocals. Is it good to have Diamond Dave back in the band?

Alex: It’s like you walk into the studio and we haven’t been together for a while and there’s this overwhelming sense of ‘coming home.’ That’s the best way I can describe it.

All the time we were apart was if it hadn’t existed and we picked up the fisti-cuffs right away. It’s like a pair of jeans that just fit right.

Triple M: Eddie’s son Wolfgang has been playing bass in the band for the past seven years, after replacing original bassist Michael Anthony in 2006.

Eddie: Of course it’s exciting, and he keeps us young.

Alex: It’s good to have a different perspective on the music we recorded 35 years ago. We’re really happy the music has stood the test time and I think having a different generation involved with it gives us a different perspective.

source: triplem.com.au

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    1. Remember, Rick, as our fearless leader Eddie Trunk likes to point out, there has never really been a time in VH’s history where DLR was a great singer, whether it was 1978, 1984, or 2012. He has never been somebody recreating the album vocal sound to a tee, like Sammy could with the Sammy era stuff.

  1. I want to apologize to my fellow VH fans and VH. When ADKOT first was released I wrote that I was disappointed and was displeased with Roth’s voice. I felt and still believe that his voice has lost that Prime Elasticity of the old days. Since then I have come to appreciate where Van Halen is today in their late 50’s. great album and I really hope they continue working on new material after their Japan Tour this Summer. Its would be really a treasure to hear them put out some new material that is not a re-tread….even though it is great material !

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